Wednesday, June 22, 2016

RI Conservative Steve Frias Challenges Fox' Corrupt Successor Mattiello

Well, this should be interesting.

Steve Frias, the Rhode Island National Committeeman, the conservative with a penchant for history -- is running against the Goliath of the Rhode Island Democratic political machine Nicholas Mattiello, the unlikable--yet more than likely--successor to former Speaker Gordon Fox, who went from the state house to the big house.

How many stones does he have in his sack?  David only needed one, and he was planning on knocking down Goliath's four brothers. Surely it won't take so much fire power to bring down the Democratic Speaker of the Rhode Island House, will it?

I applaud anyone who will take on the leader of the rotten pack of wolves.

Here in California, the state Speaker of the House, Anthony Rendon, is sleeping with every special interest in Sacramento.

Hardly anyone has heard of the Democratic dominator in California.

I am certain that everyone ... everyone has heard of Mattiello in Rhode Island.

Government taking, taxes, fees ... and now tolls!

What are those people on Smith Hill thinking?

I would have never believed that a state would go bankrupt, but Rhode Island is on the list right behind Puerto Rico, no doubt.

Thank goodness someone is willing to run up the hill and tackle the political general of the corrupt Democratic army.

Steve Frias, best of luck to you!

Read the press release issued from the Rhode Island Republican Party:


June 23, 2016

Steve Frias


"It's time we clean house at the State House." 

CRANSTON, RI - Steven Frias, a Rhode Island Republican leader and prize winning writer, has announced his candidacy for Representative in District 15, which is currently held by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello. The race presents a clear choice between Speaker Mattiello, the chief defender of Rhode Island's failing status quo, and Frias, an articulate advocate for dramatic reforms to make Rhode Island's economy more prosperous and its government more ethical.    

Indeed, the choice is crystal, crystal, crystal clear.

Frias stated, "Rhode Island's most powerful politician, Speaker Mattielllo, believes Rhode Island is in 'excellent shape' and that state 'government actually works very well.' Well, I have to disagree. For example, Rhode Island currently has the sixth-worst business-tax climate in the nation according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. Further, Rhode Island's structural budget deficit will grow to over $300 million dollars in a few years according to new budget projections. Moreover, in just the last two months, Rhode Island has lost nearly 4,000 jobs. To make matters worse, in less than two months, members of Mattiello's House leadership team have become mired in scandal. This is unacceptable."

The most powerful politician in every state will always say "Everything is fine!" How about "The fundamentals of our nation are strong!" That's always a good one. Of course, all of the government spin cannot cover up the dwindling economic opportunities and anemic employment numbers.

No matter how strongly Wall Street is rallying, if you cannot find a job, you cannot find a job.

Steve Frias receives the 2015 Coolidge Award

Frias continued, "To grow our economy, the cost of doing business in Rhode Island must be significantly reduced. For starters, we should repeal the new tolls, and implement dramatic reductions in Rhode Island's tax rates to levels below those of its neighboring states, like Massachusetts. To restore public confidence in our state government, we need reforms such as requiring legislative grants to be specifically listed in the budget, a line-item veto, restrictions on fundraising while the General Assembly is in session, requiring the General Assembly to follow open meetings laws, and term limits.  It's time we clean house at the State House!"

How many more times to concrete, sincere Republicans have to remind voters that the cost of doing business is just too damn high? How many businesses are actually left in the state. California also has some of the worst regulations, as well as high taxes and burdensome fees for individual entrepreneurs.

Let's face it. Rhode Island, California, and all other blue states hemorhagging to death need a strong executive with a keen business acumen, not pandering to ethnic groups or beholden to labor unions. We need those leaders to step up, and now!

As for the demand for more open government ... What? No transparency?

Restoring public trust in government .. like inviting a sheep to go on a date with a wolf, and trust him to pick up the tab for dinner. Laughing out loud!

Steven Frias, Esq., a graduate of Brown University and Suffolk University Law School, is an attorney in the Boston law firm Keegan Werlin LLP.  He specializes in public utility and administrative law.  Mr. Frias is currently serving as the Republican National Committeeman for Rhode Island.   He has written numerous opinion columns about state and local government usually from a historical perspective. He has been a contributor to the Providence Journal and Cranston Herald, and was the 2015 recipient of The Coolidge Prize for Journalism.  He is also the author of Cranston and Its Mayors: A History.  Originally born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the son of Portuguese immigrants, Mr. Frias currently resides in Cranston, Rhode Island with his wife and three young children.

Final Reflection

Mr. Frias had called me three years ago when I was investigating the RHode Island political scene. I remember some of his story, like his early life in Massachusetts. He also wrote a long history about Cranston.

Will he be able to make history in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and unseat a sitting House Speaker?

Let's hope for the best. In California, a Republican is challenging Speaker Anthony Rendon, but it's a perennial candidate who at best does not have much of a chance. The lack of unity and attention to the race should concern a lot of people.

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