Wednesday, June 1, 2016

CCA: Anti-Community, Anti-Choice Aggression

June 1st, 2016.

The weather is still very cool in the South Bay.

Gray skies remain the norm in coastal Los Angeles County.

So much for all that global warming talk.

Hermosa Beach hosted a study session on Community Choice Aggregation, bringing in exports and adherents looking into the program in their own cities.

I noticed about twenty people in the audience. How many of them are Hermosa Beach residents?

How many of the people in this South Bay beach city would really be on board with Community Choice Aggregation if they knew the cost associated with it, and that all the machinations from the central planners and the Big Green lobbyists would cost them more!

Two Hermosa Beach residents were there to protest the CCA Program: Matt McCool and Tracy Hopkins.

They blasted the excessive spending of the program.

McCool reminded the city council that the students were in trailers. Fire-fighters were in trailers, and so are the police.

Why not focus on spending for the city's core functions and responsibilities?

My comments to the Hermosa Beach City Council:

Good Evening Hermosa Beach City Council.

First, I want to congratulate Stacey Armato on her win, and for her kind words to Trent Larson last year, in spite of the rude conduct from members of the audience.

Indeed, it is a beautiful day in Hermosa Beach, even if it's cool and gray outside. We had two hot years, and we need some cool weather.

Unfortunately, once again I have to speak out against a wasteful program: Community Choice Aggregation.

It will not serve the community.

It will not promote choice.

It will aggregate power to the few at the expense of the rest.

We have effectively killed this program in Torrance.

I encourage you to do the same here today in Hermosa Beach.

I look out at the audience, and it seems to me that there are more people who want this program who are not residents in the city.

I concur with Mayor Petty from a previous meeting, who commented against CCA.

Cities are for citizens, and they need to focus on providing basic needs for the city.

Hermosa Beach should invest in public safety and a strong up-to-date infrastructure.

CCA will not drive down energy costs. This destructive uptick in energy prices has occurred in other locales, where it has been implemented.

This program will siphon away local control of energy production to a regional government, and limit the local sovereignty of this city

Torrance residents have said No--Hermosa Beach city council should also say "No".

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  1. Community Choice Aggregation is a scam. It's intentionally complicated and makes no sense. Hermosa Beach is not in a position to take on risky new programs. We need to focus our energy (pun intended) on fixing our crumbling infrastructure and let our residents work directly with the gas and electric companies to pay their own bills.