Friday, June 17, 2016

Chabot in Head-to-Head Dead Heat with Peter Agui-LIAR

This news is beyond incredible.

Paul Chabot, conservative Republican running for Congress in the San Bernardino/Redlands area, has  emerged from a bruising primarym fighting off four Democrats, and came in second place.

Big name Republicans were backing another Republican--Sean Flynn--who turned out to be another Democrat and a total plant to skew the vote and resources away from Chabot.

Agui-LIAR has resorted to the same dirty Democratic tricks, and has alienated Democrats and Republicans with his self-serving votes.

By the way, I had lots of fun trolling him with my fellow members of We the People Rising

My breakfast with Petie

Even Charles Johnson was caught up in the dissimulation, if you will, and was attacking Chabot for ... being an expert on key issues relating to national security.

This just in--Chabot is already running even with the Democratic challenger in the Top Two general election!

Paul Chabot for Congress
Ryan Hall - Spokesperson
Tel: (949) 375-6688
John S. Thomas - Chief Strategist
Tel: (818) 396-6578

Poll Shows 43% - 43% with Chabot having edge
with DTS Voters

SAN BERNARDINO - June 17, 2016 - Today, the Chabot for Congress campaign released a new poll showing the race for CA-31 in a dead heat at 43% to 43% with 14% undecided. The poll also shows terrorism being one of the top issues of concern to voters. San Bernardino is the largest city in this district. Chabot is a counter terrorism military officer with enterprise in the area of fighting ISIS and terrorism. In 2014 Chabot faced Democrat Pete Aguilar and narrowly lost despite being outspent 11 to 1. This upcoming matchup appears to be just as close with a slight edge to Chabot.  

Pollster Titus Bond with Remington Research said, "Data show California's 31st Congressional District is extremely competitive. The key data showing this is a Republican pickup opportunity is that non-partisan or decline to state voters favor Chabot over Aguilar by eight points."

Chabot's Chief Strategist John Thomas stated, "It is no surprise this race is neck and neck. Voters are looking for an alternative to Pete Aguilar. They are frustrated that he's failed to destroy ISIS and bring good jobs to the region."

The issue is national security. Agui-LIAR wants to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Chabot wants to take guns away from terrorists. The difference is crystal clear.

"Paul Chabot not only knows what it takes to fight terror, he's done it in Iraq. With resources, Chabot wins in November," continued Thomas.

The polling memo and tabs are attached.
Memo (click to view)
Tabs (click to view) 

Survey was conducted by Remington Research with a sample of 1091 likely General Election voters with a margin of error of +/- 3% with a 95% confidence level.

San Bernardino has the chance to take back their power and send to Washington a strong pro-life, pro-family warrior who will work with national security advisors to protect our rights, secure the borders, and safeguard the rights of the states and the people to protect and prosper themselves once again.

Go Chabot Go!

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