Saturday, June 25, 2016

Luis Gutiérrez Weeps Over SCOTUS Strike Down of DACA/DAPA

I got more great news today in my email box.

Amnesty traitor Luis Gutierrez whined  about the tragic limbo for the millions of illegal aliens in our country.

Please enjoy!

We got terrible news:

The four conservative Supreme Court Justices just delivered a gut-wrenching blow to President Obama’s executive order protecting immigrant families.

Actually, the split decision protects all legal families, whether immigrant or natural born,

An immigrant resides in this country legally. What is so hard about this basic concept?!

Donald Trump and the anti-immigrant faction of the GOP are celebrating a decision that will tear parents from their children.

The ugly bigotry rears its ugly head once again. The Republican Party is not anti-immigrant. Many people within the party and conservative leaders across the country are immigrants are come from recent immigrant families.

Right now, we need your grassroots enthusiasm more than ever before. Please sign our petition to stand with immigrant families:


I’ve met with hundreds of DREAMers and I’ve heard their heartbreaking stories.

Excuse me?! Americans are DREAMERS too! Poor Luis!

These are American kids -- American families -- who came here to build a better life, only to be forced to live in the shadows.

No, they are not American, because they are not here legally.

These people are a part of our society. They are our neighbors, our peers, and our friends; they go to our schools, shop in our businesses, and pray in our houses of worship.

This is not my problem, this is not anyone's problem. The fact is that these individuals are in the country illegally, and the rule of law matters.

But every day they live in fear of being torn away from their families and from the only true home that many of them have ever known.

I am tired of hearing about the plight of illegals. At least four members of SCOTUS recognize that the rule of law matters, and 

I refuse to live in a country where a person is criminalized for trying to build a better life for their family. That’s just not what America represents.

You know what?! I am tired of people who think that breaking into this country is not a crime!

We’re better than this. Now is the time to stand up and demand action. We can no longer be silent.

Final Reflection

Luis Gutierrez is a shameful cockroach,

He refuses to distinguish between immigrants and illegal aliens. Law matters, and people who come t to this country are looking for ... the rule of law!

Gutierrez does not care about the rule of law.  He does not care about ... anyone if he does not care about the rule of law.

I am so happy that Gutierrez is so sad!

As long as we keep fighting, in can only get better for this country!


  1. He said "I refuse to live in a country where a person is criminalized for trying to build a better life for their family." Does that mean this cockroach will be self-deporting? I certainly hope so.

  2. F U if you are not willing to support themy in your home while whining about them living in the "shadows " you are a hypocrite. Here's an idea when they Cockroaches crawl under the fence they should drop them on his door steps.
    Also if the Cockroaches don't want to live in the shadows don't come here illegally!!! My Son went into the military to pay for his education and last week there was an illegal alien who was on social media bragging on how she got er whole education paid for by our tax dollars. What a slap in the face for the kids who go in the military to pay their education
    ( working for what they get ) while their tax dollars support these illegal aliens education. Now that she has given her address and bragged about living off the American people they should pick her and her lawless scumbag family an toss them back over that fence the Cockroaches crawled under. I don't feel sorry for them F them and their illegal effing anchor babies. Get the F out and take this whining clown with you. Trash!!!

  3. Oh my gosh !! If you want to see Luis Gutiérrez have a major fit -- go on YouTube and look up where Bill Maher had 'Ann Coulter' on his show! Gutierrez was one of Maher's panelists! You people need listen to what he said about the United States and the millions of Mexican illegals being here! He literally stated that millions of illegal Mexicans have already taken the Southern states and are on their way to taking over the North! And Bill Maher, just ate it up -- laughed right along with Luis Gutiérrez and the audience! But, Ann Coulter stood her ground and got right back in his face and Bill Mahers face! She's one tough lady! Go find that video on YouTube, you do not want to miss it! It's worth every minute you spend watching it! Thank you God for Donald Trump! Please help him to 'drain the swamp' starting with Luis Gutiérrez and Calif. Senator, Kevin De Leon!