Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rep. Renee Ellmers Aborted

Last year, I wrote about the 'Abortive Renee Ellmers.'

This House rep, from North Carolina, simply had no integrity.

She forget where she came from, she forgot her oath of office, and she neglected the conservative cause and constituents who had elected her.

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers had a lot going for her.

Ellmers Gone for Good
That key word "hard" cannot be overstated.

She coasted on the Tea Party wave of 2010.

Yet within months, she turned on the very base which had buoyed her victory into office.

She went Establishment in life, marriage, and other moral issues.

She embraced amnesty and other Big Business Big Ticket items to get the big money.

Plus the diverse reports of her having an affair with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy ...

This woman helped kill a basic pro-life bill in 2015, which she had voted for two years prior.

This woman had no integrity, and pro-life groups throughout the country refused to let her forget it.

They came to collect on their investment after the numerous betrayals.

After Ellmers ended up in another district, she faced a stiff challenger on her right this year.

And the voters of North Carolina booted her out.

The conservatives in the United States are walking up to the political necessities which they must embrace, not the niceties which political elites would prefer to see their voters take up.


Here are a few comments describing her brazen disregard for her constituents:

Renee Ellmers was the North Carolina “Conservative”, amnesty champion, that did so much in Congress to help the cause of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Renee Ellmers went to bat and wanted to be a star for the Chamber of Commerce, Mark Zuckerberg, and the cheap labor lobby, as she shamelessly fought all critics of mass amnesty, including her own constituents!

More Congressional representatives need to get this message loud and clear: you work for We the People under the United States Constitution.

Ellmers ignored this message at her peril.

Former Congresswoman Renee Ellmers no doubt thought she was pretty smart following the wishes of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Republican leadership by promoting their amnesty/cheap labor agenda.  In 2014 she got primaried by a true immigration reformer, and Mark Zuckerberg came in to save her, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to run ads, and she fooled enough sheep to eke out another term.  

If politicians want to depend on big money, they can bet on those donors bailing on them when their pet proposals fall apart.

Another issue which immigration enforces forget about.

Ellmers was supposed to be the darling for the muscular, growing pro-life movement.

She repeatedly let them down, and they let her go.

Anyone other unresponsive elected officials in your neighborhood who need to go? Follow through on the Abort Ellmers plan and watch the sellouts fall out.

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