Monday, June 13, 2016

My Comments to Cudahy City Council -- June 13, 2016

Good Evening Cudahy City Council:                                                                                      [06/13/16

My name is Arthur Schaper, a member of We the People Rising.

From parking fees, to high fines, to spending sprees at the public expense, the city council seems possessed with this demonic need to pay their private vendors, friends, and other politically-connected contacts. Cudahy is no sanctuary city. The citizens need sanctuary from the corruption, malfeasance, waste, and fraud plaguing this region.

Yet despite the liberal, unnatural madness overtaking this town and its governing board, Mayor Baru Sanchez dismissed the frequent protestors and insulted all the residents with the following comments to La Opinion:

The recently published article on alleged violations of the Ralph M. Brown Act and public comment in the city of Cudahy is incorrect and incomplete. Although  the Attorney of Los Angeles County sent a letter with recommendations to the city of Cudahy, later reported to indicate that the letter may have been premature allegations. Attorney Los Angeles County he never communicated with the city of Cudahy or prosecutor for review to determine the position of the city.

The District Attorney specifically rebuked this council for several violations of the Brown Act, and noticed a systematic effort to suppress freedom of speech in this council.

There has been no letter produce for the press or the public to indicate that the District Attorney backtracked on their comments. The videos on YouTube are crystal clear. You have routinely violated the First Amendment rights of this community. The damage is done. You have been exposed. You cannot deny that.

But this comment was particularly offensive as well as false:

While we in the City of Cudahy respect the right of free expression and the right to petition your government, we are also aware that the role of government should work for all and the simple act to continue driving city business should not be interrupted by a group of fanatics who only seek to completely stop the function of local government.

I laughed out loud when I read those comments.

You do not respect freedom of expression.  You have reduced three periods of public comment down to one. Instead of three minutes for each period, we are allowed two.

And as for labeling the residents of this city “fanatics” …

Wow. Such insipid abuse speaks for itself.

Do the right thing.

Stop the waste, stop the corruption, end the unsafe sanctuary city policy, and obey the rule of law.

Arthur Schaper

We the People Rising

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