Friday, May 27, 2016

Martha Flores-Gibson for State Assembly--WRITE-IN!!

Assembly District 70 seemed like a lost cause.

Anti-Education reform Patrick O'Donnell has shut down every reasonable bill intended to improve public education in California.

Currently, the California Teachers Association and the lesser union co-ops up and down the state want nothing to do with school choice, merit pay, better testing, or just about any other measure to improve the deplorable state of education in the one-Golden State.

Election 2016 seemed certain to hand O'Donnell an easy win, since none of his challengers gathered enough signatures to got on the ballot.

Martha Flores-Gibson of Long Beach is out to change that.

She ran for Assembly District 70 (nestled on Long Beach with San Pedro and Signal Hill) in 2012.

She has a decent name ID, and she is willing to step up and make sure that O'Donnell has to fight to retain his seat.

Martha Flores-Gibson
National Christian conservative activist and commentator Craig Huey issued the following eblast for Martha:

Election 2016 is a critical year.

We cannot allow one assembly seat in the state of California to go unchallenged.

Currently, the only name that will appear on the June 7th ballot for voters in Assembly District  70 (San Pedro, Long Beach) is Patrick O’Donnell.

I encourage you to write in the name of a good friend of mine:

Martha Flores-Gibson

She is a strong pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty Christian who wants to protect our state and ensure the best for our kids’ future.

So, please join me in writing in Martha Flores-Gibson for state assembly.

If you have any questions, please contact her at:

Cell: (562) 606-9878


Write-In Martha Flores-Gibson for State Assembly!

Her support is growing all around the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach region.

Let's make sure California's elitist, arrogance, out-of-touch Democratic political class knows that they have to work for their elected office.

On June 7th, please WRITE-IN Martha Flores-Gibson for State Assembly District 70!

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