Saturday, May 21, 2016

Why Won't Muratsuchi Denounce Hillary Clinton?

For the past week, these banner ads have been following me on the Internet.

"Why would David Hadley denounce Donald Trump?"

Honestly, who really cares about the Donald right now?

In the South Bay, elected officials, community leaders, and residents know David Hadley.

He can endorse or not endorse anyone he wants for President.

At this time, Hadley is not focused on the national conference. He cares about California, and more importantly he is working hard for the South Bay.

As for Al Muratuschi ...

If he wants to talk about national politics and the Presidential race, when will he grow up and denounce Hillary Clinton?

This woman is a corrupt, stale hag who thinks that she should inherit the Presidency just because she is ... a she.

She has a list of dubious accomplishments, all of which should disqualify her from any office, let alone the Presidency:

1. She cannot operate two email servers.

2. A trail of influence peddling through her Clinton Foundation.

3. Her silent enabling of husband Bill's predatory sexual behavior.

4. Her connections with professor/communist Saul Alinsky, the mentor of Barack Obama.

5. Her cronyism, including her cozy relationship with Wall Street.

6. Her record of rampant and repeated lying, fraud, perjury, and just plain lack of integrity.

Millenials I have spoken with do not trust her one bit.

The media has tried to prop her up, and that has become a huge (no pun intended) liability.

Now, only the liberal media elites love her, and everyone else is tired of her.

Or want to see her tried for her many crimes.

So, when will Al Muratsuchi denounce Hillary Clinton?

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