Sunday, May 22, 2016

Eric Bauman: LA Democratic Grand Marshall of Corruption

California Republicans need to pay more attention to the Democratic Party apparatus.

Chances are that they would find incompetence, corruption, and malfeasance writ large.

Who is the current chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party?

Eric Bauman.

This man is a machine politician. He is Boss Tweed without the jewels.

And he is noticeably silent in the face of corruption.

Huntington Park, Cudahy, Torrance even.

What's going on?

Bauman is the Vice-Chairman of the California Democratic Party.

Does the Democratic Party want to turn the party gavel over to this guy?

Has this man ever worked for a living in the state of California?

Eric Bauman (RiversideUser)

Sure, sure he was a nurse way back when.

When I look over his current list of "accomplishments", they show Bauman in one government job after another.

Private sector much?

The Democratic Party is hardly democratic these days.

What kind of future have they intended for California?

LA Weekly called out the corruption in the West Hollywood region, where challengers to the status quo wanted to end the corruption.

The same establishment hacks won ... again.

This insanity must cease.

What kind of political party winks at corruption?

What kind of political party goes along with Big Labor and Big Business, and does nothing for all Californians?

Eric Bauman? Really?!

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