Saturday, May 21, 2016

Muratsuchi's Munger Madness

Fired South Bay legislator Al Muratuchi loves to blame other people for his failures.

The partisan gridlock halted key reforms.

Or he goes after the billionaires. When did making money become a crime.

Now, he lays all the blame for his 2014 defeat at the feet of

The Bow-Tied One Charles Munger.

Never once does he hold himself accountable for not serving his constituents.

A number of locally elected officials who had endorsed Al -- are now endorsing David Hadley.

It's all about service.

It's all about being available.

No, Al, you cannot blame a physicist from Santa Clara county for your failures as a legislator.

You certainly cannot blame him for your refusal to campaign effectively.

I have spoken with community leaders throughout the South Bay. A number of them found Al Muratuschi arrogant, distant, aloof, and uncaring.

He still is.

While Hadley has appeared at city events throughout his district, and even outside of his district, local leaders have yet to find Al Muratsuchi doing anything.

David Hadley has already raised a considerable amount of money within the district. He is not depending on special interest money to hold onto his seat.

Frankly, if not for the 2012 Obama GOTV machine, Craig Huey would be the South Bay's assemblyman today.

Al Muratsuchi suffers from Munger Derangement Syndrome or Munger Madness.

He needs help, not elected office.

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