Monday, May 16, 2016

Hillary Supporters Can't Say Why They Support Hillary

April 16, 2016.

Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser at Los Angeles Southwest Community College.

I had never visited the campus before. Many of the buildings were smart and stark.

"Hillary! Hillary!

New construction all around. The large parking lots were covered with solar panels.

The crowds showing up to see Hillary Clinton were incredible. Long lines, lots of people.

Blue shirts showing "I'm with her" on the front.

I was hoping to bring some Trump supporters with me. At the time, I was rooting for Ted Cruz, since he was still competing for the nomination.

I posed the Cruz poster in key places around the campus, hoping to find someone who would react to what I was carrying.

I took a few good shots, then moved to the library, where Hillary Clinton was going to show up and speak.

In case anyone has not noticed, Clinton is desperate to raise cash, lots of it. She has not been able to put this election away. Bernie Sanders continues to stomp on her lead from primary to primary.

Los Angeles is a great place for the rich, left-wing, and well-to-do (with other people's money) to fundraise.

So there she was.

As soon as I brought out my Ted Cruz poster, people started booing.

Then a member of a group called LiUna approached me. He said nothing, but simply stood in front of me. I tried to get an answer out of him: "Why do you support Hillary Clinton?"

A homosexual then approached me and started taking pictures of me with my Ted Cruz poster. He told me "I support Hillary because she's not Ted Cruz."

That is not an answer. I pressed him further. He went on about how he wanted to protect his right to have sex with another man. He also believed that Cruz did not want him to have any rights.

Cruz had fundraised with two gay hoteliers in New York City. He also pointed out to vocal LGBT bigots that in the Middle East, homosexuals are hanged from cranes or throne off of buildings. Talk about a double-standard.

"Hillary! Hillary!"

In the midst of this discussion, neither one of them would explain to me why they supported Hillary Clinton. While I was discussing immigration policy, the crowds behind him started shouting "Hillary! Hillary!" over and over.

We went back and forth over that heated issue, then a Hillary coordinator sidled up to the LiUna activist, then led him off to the side.

More people gathered around me, shouting "Hillary! Hillary!"

One lady asked me to step off to the side to talk with her. She kept asking me to stop recording, but I refused. Let's face it: she was not interested in talking with me about my support for Ted Cruz. This woman refused to tell me why she supported Hillary Clinton, either!

The cries around my got louder and faster. This tactic was a flimsy attempt to silence me.

Then one woman was willing to speak with me. She claimed that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate running for President. I asked why, and she told me that she has the respect of leaders around the world. I asked her to name one of them. She mentioned Vladmir Putin.

I cannot make up this amount of stupid. Putin has taken over Crimea, invaded Ukraine, has snubbed whatever remaining American military authority, and all of this under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's tenure. Let's not forget Barack Obama's apology tour throughout the Middle East.

Another  man told me that she trust Hillary Clinton, the same lady who lied about Benghazi, and called the terrorized slaughter of  four diplomats "What difference does it make?"

Let us not forget the decades of influence peddling associated with the Clinton Foundation, or her cover-ups for husband Bubba's sexual profligacy.

One young man, Tim, took my question seriously, and shared why she supported Hillary Clinton. Despite the booing in the background, Tim talked about Clinton's humanitarian efforts. He also liked her record in government, from First Lady, to US Senate, then Secretary of State. I submitted that her record and rhetoric all demonstrated why she should be disqualified from the Presidency.

At least Tim was respectful. He then offered to record my reasons for supporting Ted Cruz.

For the next half hour, I wandered up and down the long line of Hillary supporters, waiting to see if anyone else could give me a substantive reason for supporting the former First Lady who wanted to be the first female President.

What can one say? The left-wing zeitgeist which has seized the Democratic Party has lost touch with reality. No reason, not intellect, no intuition of the truth or reality in general, just a hazy warmth about endorsing some lady who is purportedly "the most qualified candidate."

But she's not, and her supporters could not give me any credible reason why she was!

"Hillary. Hillary?"

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