Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Statement to Huntington Park City Council--May 17th, 2016

Good Evening Huntington Park City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, I am a proud member of We the People Rising.

I notice that you are continuing to allow illegal elements into the city of Huntington Park.
First, there are the illegal contracts with friends, colleagues, and political allies. No bidding, no competition, no savings for the residents.

Then, there is the appointment of the two illegal aliens to city commissions.

This flagrant attempt to turn one more section of California over to the Reconquista is already a failure.

This land is my land, this land is our land, this land is not your land to steal, to burn, to spoil.
And now the marijuana. I really don’t understand the need to bring pot shops into the city of Huntington Park. Except for Valentin Amezquita, all of you are already high on something, as you think that you can disobey federal and state law, then allow the crime and corruption which attend it, which you participate in.

Do you all have a bad case of the munchies from all that wining and dining with crony contractors?
The FBI is already investigating ties to HP Tow, and at least two of you on that dais received money from that corrupt Tow Truck Company.

It is a matter of time before they haul you off to jail.

But the question remains, who will arrest you first? The DEA, or ICE?

Now, about the marijuana dispensaries …

Are they going to be undocumented shops? Will there be a pathway to legalizing the use of hashish in the city bounds beyond medicinal use? Will you also grant amnesty to drug dealers as well as users, since you have decided to ignore federal and state law not just in regards to legal status (the two illegal aliens), but also in permitting a pot dispensary to remain open distributing marijuana without a permit?

Your city is $350 million in debt. Maywood is going bankrupt, and so are you.

But not just financially. Morally and spiritually, too, and all of it is going up in a green haze, and now yo want Puff the Magic Dragon leading the way?

What was the point of appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions, and then opening up pot shops? Were you hoping to turn Huntington Park into a tourist attraction?

I can tell you that your actions have attracted only the following:

Drug addicts, degenerates, and disorderly individuals in general.

Thank you.

Arthur Schaper

We the People Rising

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