Monday, May 30, 2016

California Democrats Eating Their Own

I read an interesting article in the Daily News earlier this week:

Dababneh faces criticism from his party as election nears

Matt Dababneh represents District 45, in the West Valley region.

Republican Susan Shelley nearly won the seat in a special election, and Dababneh has had to move toward the middle ever since.

Daily News reports:

Exposing a split between political groups in Los Angeles, several Democratic clubs are refusing to back the re-election bid of Democratic Assemblyman Matt Dababneh amid accusations he’s too conservative.

Dababneh: Not Progressive Enough

Ouch! Local clubs are throwing their Democratic elected officials under the bus already?! Well, well, well. I thought that Republicans were divided in California ...

The Stonewall Democratic Club, the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley and the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats all declined to endorse in the June 7 race, a signal of unhappiness with the 35-year-old incumbent.

What is the matter with these people? Don't they care about their team? Don't they have any team spirit?

Those groups are backing candidates in several other San Fernando Valley races.

So, they are sitting this race out ... In reality, they are eating their wown.

Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley executive board member Doris Dent said she’s worried about Dababneh’s voting record and his support from businesses like Chevron.
“I consider myself a progressive and he’s just not progressive enough,” said Dent, 76, a Northridge resident.

Not progressive enough? And how are their policies any where near progress? Please explain how job-killing regulations are helping the state of California to progress?

Dababneh, whose district extends from Tarzana to Chatsworth and Reseda to Bell Canyon, has the support of the California Democratic Party and Los Angeles County Democratic Party. He’s also endorsed by Gov. Jerry Brown, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and more than a dozen current and former Democratic politicians.

Well, isn't that nice? But the grassroots organizations, the activists, the door-knockers and the phone-callers aren't all that happy with Dababneh!

The dissatisfaction with Dababneh highlights the varying political positions within the party and comes as so-called “moderate Democrats” across the state face pushback from progressives.

This dissatisfaction is eating up Democratic incumbents all over the state.

Mike Gipson hit from the left

Mike Gipson of Carson is getting hit from his left, along with Cheryl Brown in San Bernardino.

Even though Republicans are struggling to regain their footing in California, Democrats are finding their more progressive peers trying to pull out the rug from under them.

The TEA Party of the Left is steaming at Democratic legislators who pay closer attention to the needs of businesses, not just the left-wing, SJW activists more interested in their Utopian fantasies than bread-and-butter realities.

In Congressional districts, too, Democratic clubs are sitting out elections, refusing to endorse incumbents. Ami Bera of Sacramento is feeling the heat, and some of the labor unions who would normally line up behind a Democrat, have sided with Sheriff Scott Jones!

CD-24 has opened up with the retirement of Lois Capps. Democratic partisans are worried that two Republicans could advance to the general election!

Peter Aguilar has faced heat from the left for his differing votes on immigration and the Iran Deal. Does he support amnesty? Yes or no? If yes, then why did Aguilar vote to block Syrian refugees from coming into the country?

Janice Hahn doesn't like minority status in Congress, either. After all, she sat with thirteen other Democrats on the Los Angeles City Council for ten years, and got everything she wanted. Bipartisanship is a four-letter word in Los Angeles, and Republicans are an endangered species which stay behind the glass to stay safe.

President Barack Obama has tilted the Democratic Party so far to the left, that residents even in the state of California have switched their affiliation. A growing number of independents are taking over even in Los Angeles, and Republicans are winning back important seats which they had held in years past then lost due to ineptitude or lack of effort.

Republicans need to work together, and take advantage of these desperate splits in the Democratic Party. The greater likelihood of a Democratic Top Two race for US Senate race all but assures that the infighting will explode across the state. Couple that with disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton's high unfavorability ratings, and Republicans may stand more of a chance than expected.

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