Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Intended Remarks for Cudahy City Council--May 23, 2016

The Cudahy Corruptitos called off their latest city council meeting, most likely because they did not want to face angry crowds of Cudahy citizens, young and old, irate at the corruption and fraud which is eating out the city's reserves.

And perhaps they don't like Chris Garcia, who mocks and derides critics rather than representing what is best for the city.

So, I was informed within hours of the city council meeting that they were not going to meet. A lackk of quorum was cited, but let's state the truth plainly. There is a lack of courage, integrity, and just plain honesty.

So, here are my intended remarks for the Cudahy City Council:

Good Evening Cudahy City Council:                                                                                                

My name is Arthur Schaper, a member of We the People Rising.

I want you to look at this hat and the shirt that I am wearing. I received these gifts from Nick Ioannidis, aka Nick the Greek, an immigrant who founded Immigrants Day, October 28th

So, please spare me your baseless attacks that We the People Rising are somehow racist and anti-immigrant. You are lying. We have not ceased helping him and other freedom-loving, law-abiding immigrants in this country.

In January last year, this council declared itself a sanctuary city.

On Univision and in La Opinion, it became very clear that this city is no sanctuary for its citizens.

The city council has engaged in brazen efforts to suppress freedom of speech.

Has awarded corrupt contracts with private vendors.

Has shut down open office hours for city residents.

Has hiked fees for city services, all while awarding excessive pay for city employees.

Has charged excessive parking citation fees on a working class community where many work two jobs just to survive.

Has done nothing to alleviate the homelessness situation.

And denied little girls the opportunity to perform for friends and family because of a petty dispute with the dance instructor.

It was vindicating to see the local press report on the letter of rebuke which this city council received from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Public Integrity Division, as I was one of many who had submitted complaints to the DA.

Let these are other movements serve as a warning to this council.

You trifle with taxpayer dollars, and you violate their Constitutional rights, you are playing a dangerous game that you will not win.

May I also suggest a new city motto: “Open wallets, closed minds” or perhaps “Open zippers, no morals”.

Thank you.

Arthur Schaper

We the People Rising

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