Sunday, May 15, 2016

Illegal Immigration is not MY Fault!

On the South Bay Tea Party website, now dormant for nearly one year, I found a number of things written that are very inspiring .

But I also found a post which states that illegal immigration is my fault.

That it's OUR fault.

Is it really my fault that the federal government is not doing its job?

Is it the fault of every law-abiding citizen and taxpayer that our government leaders consistently refuse to do their job?

This latent moderation or acquiescence is a little too prevalent in South Bay politics, whether local, state, or federal.

Instead of tacking a firm stance on issues and fighting for what is right, many groups with a political cause or agenda choose to do ... nothing.

That is wrong.


The following has been presented to over 100 Hispanics from Dreamers (under 21) to those that are adults and has been well received.

Here is my first response: who cares what "DREAMers" think? Illegal aliens, regardless of their age or the origin of their status should not be dictating American policy, particularly on the matter of national security.

What about the Americans living here? What about young Americans graduating from high school, who want to go to college, who want to pursue dynamic careers? Don't their dreams matter?

First I agree with the many who quote 30 to 40 million as the number of illegal immigrants.  Pew says 11 million, and CAPS says 20 to 38 million. Second I believe that Obama's main way to transform America is by allowing a flood of immigrants not only from Latin America but from Muslim Countries where he is allowing millions of Muslims but NO Christians come into our country.  Also millions have come in via tourist visas and just never left.  Google it yourself, don't shoot the messenger.  Before I would even start the proposals below I would stop all immigration with a one to three year moratorium. And what I am proposing will need refinement but these are the basic components.

We need a moratorium not because this country hates immigrants, but because the federal government and its key enforcement agencies refuse to uphold and enforce the law. I agree with this point. We need to figure out what is going on, and get our immigration system the proper support it needs.

There are also several presuppositions that we must consider.  As a country we have not enforced our immigration laws.  

Excuse me? What does he mean "We"? Just because someone commits a crime at a store, and the thief escapes, I do not hold the entire police force accountable! I certainly do not blame every law-abiding citizen for this criminal actions!

We can not just blame the government for the past 35 years but we also have to blame we the people who elected the government.  So in a way we are all guilty. 

Hell No! One thousand times over No!

We have never built the proverbial wall.

The federal government has not built the wall needed. That is not the fault of the citizenry. The only reason one could blame the average citizen for anything is their refusal to participate in local and national politics.

Yet even the above charge is patently unfairy. Patently!

Men and women protested and lobbied against the Republican Congress in the late 2000s against George W. Bush's amnesty program.

Republicans and Democrats alike are supporting Donald Trump because of his tough talk and stances against illegal immigration. Millions of men and women are looking for elected officials and leaders to just do the job they swore to do!

  Remember China has a 13,000 mile wall started in the 7th Century BC.  Surely we could build a little old wall 1,933 miles.  So bottom line we, everyone here in the United States are responsible for the massive influx of illegal immigrants, because we elected the government and did not demand that they act.

Sorry, Gary Aven! That is wrong! It is not our fault!  Thus we bear some moral responsibility because of our lack of action not to mention just basic human moral responsibility.  Because of our inaction we have created an environment where many of these people have come here with a tacit understanding that they will not be deported because of our current policies.  Yes it has gotten far worse under Obama but this has taken place for the past 35 years.

Second, it would be a humanitarian disaster to send all of these people back to their home country, especially considering that up to one-third of the children do not even speak Spanish.  It would be a humanitarian disaster akin to the Cherokee trail of tears.  It is also just plain un-Christian.  We have to take responsibility but fix the problem.

Now what to do?  First, I would build the frik**en wall.  

Here's the problem. You and I only cannot build the wall. None of us can by ourselves.

The protection of the citizenry in the United States is our responsibility.

While building I would station enough troops and security on the border that illegal immigration would drop to near zero and I would beef up our tracking of people that come in with visas and deport those that overstay their visas.  Second, I would immediately make every illegal immigrant that wants to have any hope of staying here in the United States, register, and get a temporary residential card. 

I am open to discussions about what to do for the remaining illegals here.

I do not want to reward lawlessness, and I am opposed to granting amnesty, which rewards lawbreaking.

The United States government needs to put Americans FIRST!

While Gary mentions other proposals to deal with the rising number of illegal aliens in our, country this "white guilt" or "America guilt" gut reaction is very offensive.

Once again -- it is not my fault that the United States of America has an illegal immigration problem, in which major special interests on the left and the right have refused to do anything. 

Big Business wants the cheap labor. Big Labor wants the union dues. La Raza wants the rising foreign element to effect an increasing take-over of the nation. Congressional representatives and US Senators worried about their political (and financial) future are more interested in securing ties with lobbyists, too.

Despite the oppressive federal inaction, We the People are fighting back and doing as much as we can against this anti-American agenda.

The last thing that we need to do, however, is blame one another.

This "white guilt", "Western guilt" or "American guilt" is all wrong.

Sorry, Gary.

I am glad for the South Bay Tea Party movement, but to blame me and every other American for the illegal immigration problem is just plain wrong!

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