Saturday, May 7, 2016

Open Letter to Consternated Conservatives

What a week.

What a gutblow for spiritual conservatives, men and woman who sought a direct restoration of respect for God and country.

All of that seemed to disappear with the latest primary.

Ted Cruz was crushed in Indiana, even after he stood up to the pro-Trump hordes attempting to frighten away the conservative constitutionalist.

Ted Cruz was unflappable, even in the shadow of inescapable defeat. The protesters were rude. He was smart, dignified, informative. In short, Cruz was presidential, on his way to forcing an open convention and multiple delegates in the floor fight for the GOP Presidential candidate nomination.

But …

Trump cleaned up in Indiana. There is just no way to minimize Trump’s consummate victory and Cruz’ devastating defeat in the Hoosier state, an Evangelical bastion and reliably Republican stronghold, even after Obama's 2008 romp. Ted Cruz lost, and win no viable path to an open convention, he suspended his campaign.

I cried, even more than when Scott Walker announced his sudden decision to drop out. The debate with eleven contenders sucked all the oxygen out of the room. He didn't get it done.

What about Cruz? He was too conservative (to a nation tilting left-ward, with the TV blasting constantly about the Donald. The list of candidates who refused to call it quits assured that the reality TV show front-runner would continue gaining votes, states, and delegates. Undeterred, Cruz worked the conventions and caucuses as hard as he could. He knew the game, and forced the Washington Establishment to bow down and beg for his victory. Trump supporters cried foul, and threatened to bolt the party if the convention did not give Trump the nomination.

Read the rules, people. If no one earned 1,237 delegates by convention time, then the convention would have to follow the next process laid down. Second ballot, third ballot, etc. and the one who clinched that necessary number would be the nominee.

Republicans have outlasted ten contested conventions. At the first, Abraham Lincoln had the fewest delegates at the first ballot in 1860. He won on the fourth ballot. A similar path would have given us Ted Cruz.

Yet that was not to be.

So conservatives, how down do you feel?

Feel like cruising off a cliff, a la Thelma and Louise?


Conservative principles are working their way up through the local and state governments. The reforms are beyond incredible.

The Washington political class is paying attention, too.

Civil asset forfeiture reform is expanding throughout the country. Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) wrote an op-ed demanding an end to the loophole which has allowed police officers to go "treasure hunting" by taking property from suspected criminals, without even proving the commission of a crime!

Licensure reform is accelerating. too. Working class women can earn the necessary credentials to practice a trade without taking years away from their earning potential.

School choice, right-to-work laws, expansion of concealed-carry, welfare reforms, and the rising fight to win against climate alarmism: conservatives are taking the field in an unprecedented fashion.

As Washington DC has grown cumbersome, dysfunctional, and unmanageable, the several states have severed themselves from the bloated miasma. Tennessee is becoming tax free.

Maine has induced incredible welfare cuts and expanded job programs.

Maryland has a Republican governor who cares about his people--and his party. He will not allow Democratic machine shenanigans dictate legislators choosing their districts. He has secured and prospered his fellow Marylanders.

In North Carolina and Mississippi, conservative governors are starting to push back against the Big Gay Militancy Hate Machine. Governor McCrory is defying the Department of Justice, which wants to force the Tar Heel state to allow men to go into women's bathrooms if they feel that they are women.

And in the private sector ...

The sharing economy is doing a better job of spreading the wealth, based voluntary trade, transaction and growth than the state ever could.

Big Business is taking a dive when it attempts to scuttle the rights of the individual consumer. States which respect the Bill of Rights (and do not ignore biology)  continue to thrive.

In contrast, companies run by left-wing ideologues, like Target, have become the target of middle-income families, working-class parents, and individuals fed up with the illiberal coercion bent on social engineering.

Biology sex is here to stay, and the bigotry of arrogant academics is meeting its trumped-up end.

College campuses, the incubator of the insane progressive ideologies driving President Obama and his Executive hordes, are collapsing beneath their economic ineptitude and intellectual vacuity. Triggly Puff social justice warriors are unwitting self-parodies, as Millennials relearn their liberty, and the fundamental need to respect other people’s right to speak, to hear, to learn, and to hold an opinion contrary to one’s own.

Speaking of the younger generation … they are more pro-life than their predecessors. Technology has expanded our awareness of the intricacies of human life. Research has confirmed an incredible flash of light at conception. The divine origins of man, stated in the Bible, now receive their long-overdue affirmation from scientific inquiry.

Muslims are rejecting the hateful mantras of the Koran. Spiritual revivals are breaking out all over the world, especially along the “left coast” of the United States.

The liberal media is losing readership, fast.

Wisconsin Governor and former Presidential candidate Scott Walker's Act 10 reforms continue to reap rewards for Wisconsin residents. Wait for more states to adopt these reforms as pension liabilities threaten bankruptcy against more teetering state budgets

Americans are waking up to the tyranny surrounding them. Obama’s ruthless agenda startled them awake. They are starting to fight back.

So what if your Presidential pick did not get the nomination? Their example served to inspire you, right?

In the end, that's what really counts. The fight for individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional rule has not ended. It's just winning in the proper sphere: in our hearts, in our homes, and in our neighborhoods.

Don’t be consternated, conservatives. We have not yet begun to fight!

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