Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Something More I Learned about Rodeo Clowns

I received this letter from a reader following my article "Voting for the Rodeo Clown":

 You seem to have glossed over two very simple but telling points about "Rodeo Clowns"  They (rodeo clowns) very much like Special Forces soldiers and sailors put their lives on the line every damned time they go to work.  I only rode a 1500  pound rodeo bull one time and only for about 4.79 seconds  and I can tell you I was never as happy in my life to see anyone as I was to see that "Clown" putting himself between little ol' me and a bull that seemed determined to turn me into a bloody stain in the arena floor.  Point: they may be dressed like a clown but what they do is damned serious business...SAVING LIVES.  Same can be said of the special forces soldiers and sailors every day.  RE  Patrick Keating IV and countless others.

So, call Donald Trump a "Rodeo Clown"  and let's Pray to God he can be 1/10 as determined and courageous  as the real Heroes who put on face paint and throw themselves in harms way for your entertainment or maybe just to allow you to keep your God Given Right to point at them and  laugh.  As for me, I'll stand back in humble amazement of the Clowns and SOF soldiers and Pray Donald can live up to their example.

Michael B.

For the record, I did mention the following about rodeo clowns:

A rodeo clown has a few responsibilities. His chief act is to run around a lot, distracting wild animals from goring the bull-riders. He also has to make people laugh. If the rodeo clown gets hit or hurt, it’s not a big deal. In fact, near-fatal accidents can work to everyone’s advantage, and become part of the show.

Giddyup, guys and gals. It's time to vote for Trump in November!

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  1. You know what Arthur, I decided to board the Trump train this morning also. All aboard!