Sunday, May 15, 2016

Italy's Birthrate Plummets, and Yet Gay Civil Unions?

It is a well-known in Italy that the birth rate is plummeting, and fast.

Adults are not getting married, or not having children.

Many adults live at home, and the culture seems to encourage this.

"Mama's Boy" is not a derogatory term in Italy at all. Far from it.

Men can stay at home with their parents well into their thirties.

Men and women are not stepping out on their own to start their families.

One rural village actually celebrated the birth of a child to a young couple, the first birth in the city in decades!

And yet ...

The Italian parliament just passed legislation to permit homosexual civil unions.

Italian "Equality" (

How does Italy intend to restore life and vitality to its culture if the state continues to erode respect and honor for the most venerable and fundamental of institutions: the family?

Mammia Mia!

Questo รจ pazzesco! (That's Crazy!)

The new pope, despite his liberal leanings in rhetoric, has affirmed the power and necessity of the family.

He even went so far as to declare that not having children is an act of selfishness.

One this is certain: a culture dies to the extent that men and women refuse to have children, or encourage an idle, selfish childless lifestyle.

How does Italy intend to overcome the childlessness in its culture? One proposal has offered subsidizing couples to have children. This is no joke. The state is now offering to pay people to have kids. They are even doubling this pay!

Interestingly enough, though, more Americans are retiring to Italy, where a lot of the homes, many in ancient or medieval areas, are uite inexpensive. Life is pretty easy going in these villages. The commerce and development of village life is very appealing to American retirees.

Many of them are of Italian descent, too, so they see themselves returning to their roots.

Still, a country which delays adulthood, which prizes the man-child mentality of adults living at home, and now has degraded marriage to include meaning two men, or two women, or just about anything else.

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