Saturday, May 28, 2016

Remarks to Cudahy City Council--May 27th, 2016

Good afternoon, Cudahy City Council.                                                    

My name is Arthur Schaper, a member of We the People Rising.

I would like to speak on Item 5C:

Creation of a Public Relations and Community Outreach Ad Hoc Committee (page 23) Presented by City Manager Recommendation

I do agree that this city council needs to improve public relations and outreach. 

If you want to improve public relations with the community, I would first advise attending all regularly scheduled meetings, and stop setting meetings during times when citizens cannot attend. It is truly shameful that the four boys on the city council cannot own their poor decisions

The two reports from La Opinion plus the expose from Univision have exposed a city council of four miscreant boys, and only one man--Jack Guerrero. The Cudahy Corruptitos have routinely violated the Brown Act, suppressed public comment, and continued to spent taxpayer dollars with heedless abandon. From five minutes to three minutes, and now only two?

They have done what their political bosses told them. Why not do what is best for the residents?

They have gone along with the illiberal lunacy or the Democratic Party machine.

Why not respect the needs of every citizen, not just political cronies?

If you want to improve public outreach to the community, do the right things:

1.                  Stop suppressing public comment; restoring proper time allotments
2.                  Conduct all business in the open
3.                  Spend tax dollars prudently and frugally
4.                  Follow all federal and state laws
5.                  Reduce local sports and event fees
6.                  Issue a letter of apology to the young ballet dancers
7.                  Restore the Club de Oro services
8.                  End costly contracts with outside vendors, including the wasteful magazine
9.                  Restore reasonable salaries for city positions
10.              Treat all citizens with respect
11.              End the destructive and counterproductive "sanctuary city" policy

Restore Cudahy. 
Open Government, Open City!

Thank you
Arthur Schaper

We the People Rising

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