Monday, May 30, 2016

Thoughts on the American Freedom Alliance

Two years in a row, I have been invited to the American Freedom Alliance dinner in Los Angeles. This celebratory event recognizes men and women who have fought for the furtherance and survival of Western Civilization. Individual worth and local sovereignty, the pursuit of truth as paramount instead of power, and the respect for the Divine Creater and His objective justice: these values animate the life and worth of the entire world, and the manifold blessings of Western Civilization.

This year as well as last year, Larry Elder, the conservative radio host from KABC, hosted both events. His work to expand a respect for liberty and truth, at the expense of despotism and deception, influenced my understanding of free markets and free enterprise, spiritual authority working in  or temporal settings.

Essayist and comedian Evan Sayet served as the Master of Ceremonies the second time.

I loved attending both events.

Avi Davis, the founder of the American Freedom Alliance, was alive in 2015.

We commemorated his work this year, since he passed away so suddenly, so sadly.

Two well-connected conservatives had invited me to both events, to meet the allies, friends, and even the family members of that great man.

Both times, incredible conservatives were honored for their work defending Western Civilization. Academics who stood up to government collusion in the sciences. Journalists who challenged the lies of the status quo. Economists and social scientists who debunked the progressive myths of our modern area—all were welcomed with great fanfare.

I met some of them outside of that event, and learned about their fights against oppressive regimes and a suspect media working to suppress the truth. A lot of information passes from media to man, and back and forth. Some of the well-educated speakers feared the worst for Europe.

"It's too late," one of the speakers grimly determined.

I cannot agree with that. However, if men and women choose to content themselves with the slow demise of the world around them, then indeed Europe is lost, and so is America.

For the two times that I attended, I found a great deal to be happy about, notwithstanding the dour state of our world and the warring nations within.

Freedom fighters are winning. They embrace the divine love and truth of God.

Many Jewish people were present both times. I respect the traditions and values of our Judeo-Christian culture, and the Orthodox Jews in attendance reminded me to retain a grave reverence for the Jewish people and the values which they have affirmed in our society.

And yet, we need more than a set of standards. We need the power to allow them into our lives. We need more than the law. We need the grace, the loving, unconditional favor of CHRIST.

I am not afraid to write those words. We must not be afraid to speak those words. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson of South Los Angeles (a well-regarded contact and spokesman for the American Freedom Alliance) reached out and rears boys to become men, even when their fathers have left them, or when they never knew their fathers to begin with.

These efforts, these alliances make all the difference. We cannot allow these victories to go unnoticed.

I also respected hearing about the deeper rot afflicting our culture. A perverse desire to remove distinctions has overtaken our leaders. Male and female should not mean anything. Right and wrong have no merit. Should life and death become a nullity, too?

Conservative Jewish columnist Dennis Prager recently wrote a thorough, probing article about the Left's vicious ambitions, which proved this strange desire. The Left wants to get rid of standards. The Left wants everything to have an equal end, or to have the same status, just as Adam and Eve wanted to be like God, to have life independent of the Creator, who later had to become their Redeemer.

These observations were well-received. I ponder them still.

Discussion is good. Celebration of all that makes Western Civilization wonderful, that is welcome.

But discussion is not enough.

We need action.

We need to confront the malefactors in our streets, in our city councils. As Jude wrote to the Church: "We must contend earnestly for the faith."

The wicked forces at work in our world will not be slayed with discussion. Their followers will understand once they are taught the truth from the error, from the lie, from the deception.

Those who thrive on the lies, who disseminate the falsehoods to bless themselves: they must be stopped.

Are we agitating against the corruption? Are we educating young people to care about the values of their elders?

The discussion groups, the seminars, the awards dinners will not save our culture.

To sit back and watch everything fall apart is not enough.

How many more dinners are people going to attend?

We need to raise funds to help individuals fight and win the culture wars.

The key word--win.

Western Civilization cannot die. It must win, or there is no civilization at all.

And we must fight--and we can fight, will fight--to ensure this victory.

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