Sunday, May 8, 2016

Donald Trump, We are Already Making America Great Again

Donald Trump is not going to make America great again.

He hasn't been reading the press, perhaps because he has been dominating so many of the headlines lately.

We the People make America Great, and we are already making America great again.

I remember the quote from the now deceased conservative reporter Robert Nowak:

"Always love your country. Never trust your government."

For too long, the problem has been that we have not properly distinguished the  two elements.

The country is not the government. Yet too many people have gotten comfortable with more government in our lives.

Then came Barack Obama.

He has deliberately and repeatedly shoved the state into our lives. From the stimulus to Cap and Trade, to Obamacare, to the rampant destruction of time-honored institutions in pursuit of the progressive, leftist agenda, Barack Obama has dusted away the United States Constitution in order to pursue his own illegitimate political ends.

MakING Americ Great Again

He is a national disgrace.

The Tea Party forces of 2010 helped awaken our outrage. They also forced us to confront our too-strong love affair with a closed system, an oppressive state which was taking money from the states, then picking winners and losers.

All of this wrong.

Donald Trump is the apeothesis of our country's disgust with politics as usual.

He says all the things that are true, even if he does not believe, and especially be causes the politically chatter-ati don't want to hear it.

He talks about immigration, and how the open borders policies of Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Homo have hurt the average working man.

And "working man" has expanded with the rising number of working poor taking in two jobs, and still not uite making ends meet.

What is going on? A rigged political game.

And we have been paying for it.

The grassroots movements are rising up. They do not like paying for open borders, corporate bailouts, government pensions.

They have learned the need to participate, not just by voting.

They are voicing their strong opinions on key issues.

They are taking back their local governments.

They are focusing on their statehouses, too.

From the Stop the Buses Movement of Murietta California, to Huntington Park and Cudahy.

In East Los Angeles too, as well as the hearty Midwest and New England, Americans are already making America Great Again.

Donald Trump needs to catch up, and fix his cap!

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