Monday, May 23, 2016

Cudahy Council 5-23-16 Meeting Cancelled--Why?

May 23, 2016.

The Cudahy City Council was supposed to hold their second meeting for the month.

Yet after three stories (two in La Opinion, one on Univision) exposing the abuse, incompetence, and corruption of Los Cuatro Corruptitos (Garcia, Hernandez, Markovich, and newly-installed Mayor Sanchez), perhaps the Four Little Boys did not want to face the angry, irate residents of Cudahy.

The letter from the Los Angeles County District Attorney has now gone fully public.

For some of the comments, check out the excerpts below:


And finally:

From January 2016 until today, We the People Rising have battered the city council for their perverse sanctuary city policy, their waste of tax dollars, the fiscal mismanagement, the cronyism, and the outright disregard for the rule of law, especially the First Amendment.

One key part of this pattern of repression? The city council would call last-minute special sessions, oftentimes during inconvenient times of the day, when most residents are working. What were they thinking? Their sole interest has been to prevent the public from attending, commenting, and criticizing the city council for their bad decisions.

One more time, the Cudahy council calls it quits, and within hours of the meeting. One has to ask--are such cancellations even remotely legal?

Residents greeted and welcomed our presence that evening and afterwards. They have helped us in our protests against the lawless Huntington Park City Council, too..

One Congressional candidate, Chris Castillo, has assisted our efforts, too.

Following the outpouring of support, and growing courage and consensus of the community to take on the Cudahy Corruptitos, I reached out to Spanish  media a few months prior, and finally the work of We the People Rising and We the People of Cudahy is paying off.

The men and women of the city, on the forefront fighting the corruption, have gone public many times to stop this nonsense.

We the People of Cudahy

Now the four Corruptitos are facing the music.

Who would have thought that they Cudahy corruption would come to the surface so quickly?

The same perversions are eating away at the Huntington Park body politick, and yet the work of cleaning up local government in these areas till take more time than expected.

Still, the activists of Cudahy should be proud of the work which they have accomplished.

A few sources indicated to me that three of the city councilmembers were completely ill about coming into city council.

Jack Guerrero, the only honest
city councilman in Cudahy

Some of the most alarming remarks from the local press focus on the stringent efforts of the council to limit public comment and prevent people from speaking out.

Now the residents are taking to the streets of their city  and demanding a change.

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