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Trolling Democratic Plant Sean Flynn in CD-31

Sean Flynn wrote a book called "Economics for Dummies."

Yet the guy has never voted in an election over the past six years.

He donated lots of money to Congressman Gary Peters, a liberal Democrat from Michigan who tried to shut down a TV station after an Americans for Prosperity commercial blasting Peters' support for Obamacare.


Then Sean Flynn sent out a trashy, dirty, fraudulent mailer "No Show Chabot."

First, the mailer claims that Chabot was absent from key parole hearings, but on the other side of the mailer, points out that he voted '"abstain" on a few paroles, while voting "Yea" or "Nay" on other applicants.

So, which is it? Was he absent or not?

The truth is that Sean Flynn is a Democratic Plant.

He has done more to support Democratic interests, driving a wage between the Republican voters.

Hopefully, however, more residents will see through this ruse, very likely prompted by freshman Congressional incumbent Peter Agui-LIAR.

Here are a few scenes from the Sean Flynn Meet-n-Greet at Nuno's cafe in Upland.

First, I recorded why I was there, and the signs which stood out front:

Here are  my first thoughts, discussing that Chabot has all three pillars of conservatism covered: fiscal, social, and national.

Tressy Capps and Vera Eyzendooren met me at Nuno's in Upland, and we started filming.

The venue was pretty nice and peaceful. Some plants along the front a few tables set out, with campaign literature at the back table.

About four people had already gotten there, and one man was asking uestions.

Right away, Flynn noticed and then dismissed us, especially when he saw  my poster:

Here is the front side:

and here is the back side:

"These two are just Paul Chabot's people," Flynn smirked, then kept trying to ignore us.

I counted that comment. I don't have to belong to anyone in order to call out lies, dirty tricks, and Democratic frauds pretending to be Republicans.

Instead of facing Tressy, Vera, and me like a real Congressional candidate, he continued to ignore us.

Sean Flynn turns his back on me, and never looks me in the face

I tried to ask him some straight-forward questions, like why he was donating to Democratic candidates, then sending out fraudulent mailers.

He would swivel around and ignore us, looking for anyone else to talk to:

And why is he running in this race in the first place? Paul Chabot had already developed a sound, well-oiled political machine of volunteers and honest, patriotic conservatives.

The last thing that the CD-31 seat needed was another Republican, and no Joe Baca does not count.

At one point, Vera approached Flynn and asked him plainly about his views on homosexual message, along with other cultural issues. Tressy and Vera later told me that Flynn attended the central committee endorsement meetings, yet he refused to talk to them then, even to answer one or two questions. Why does a candidate run for Congress, and even while attending a central committee endorsement meeting, go out of his way to avoid answering substantive questions about his ideological views?


Tressy brought a fake plant to the Lemonade gathering, too, to show that Flynn is a Democratic plant.

Check out the cheeky photo op!

Afterwards, Capps explains why she found Flynn's latest mailer deceptive and fraudulent. One of Flynn's supporters claimed that Chabot has issued his own slew of attack ads, and yet the supported could not recall one negative ad which was fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading.

Another potential constituent, Tami, arrived later in the hour, and also had some tough uestions about the mailer.

Halfway through the meet-and-greet, Flynn's campaign manager confronted me. First, he told me that I could not have my camera open to record the event. I told him that this was a public event in a public place. He tried to counter by stating that the event was open to invited guests, yet the flyer for the event did not indicate that the event was only for a select few.

Then he tried to push Tressy and me out of the patio to stand behind the potted plants.

We refused. He said that "the Establishment" required us to move back. We still said "No". First Amendment.

The owner of the shop did come out and tell us to leave. "Go ahead and call the police," Tressy answered. The police never came, and even if they did, they would have no right nor authority to remove us, as we pressed Flynn to explain his lack of experience, his Democratic donations and his support, plus his constant resistance to answering any of our questions.

The campaign manager tried one last trick. At 3:45 (the event was scheduled from 3 to 4), he announced to the small group of attendees that Flynn had another event to go to.


A few of the pro-Flynn supporters got really hostile and angry with me, claiming that I was rude and immature: "Act like an adult!" Why do people resort to shaming people as immature just for exercising their First Amendment rights and demanding answers? What is their problem!

At 4:00pm (Flynn decided to stay for the whole event), the campaign manager escorted his Democratic plant to his car. We followed them all the way until they got into the vehicle and drove off.

Tami lamented that she could not ask Flynn anything. What kind of Congressional candidate ignores voters, even those who oppose his campaign? If he had simply responded to my concerns, whether I agreed with his answers or not, I would have left. Here are her comments.

Politicians by and large need to learn some lessons, like "Look people in the eye when they are talking to you." Here's another point: "Don't send out fraudulent mailers, because someone will follow up on what you publish." Be careful whom you donate to, as well.

Reminder folks: Peter Agui-LIAR put Flynn up to this fight.

Flynn is a Democratic plant, a fraud, and a total coward. I don't care how many books he wrote. Economics for Dummies means nothing if like a dummy you donate  money to Democratic candidates, the vast majority of which are anti-liberty, anti-free market, and anti-free speech.

After the Lemonade confrontation with Flynn, I visited Chabot's campaign headquarters. He has a considerable operation ready, including volunteers on the weekends!

Poster blasting Sean Flynn
Paul Chabot headquarters, with Robin Hvidston

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