Sunday, May 22, 2016

CA MassResistance Target Protest--May 21st, 2016

On May 21st, California MassResistance hit the streets again.

We protested in front of the same Target on Sepulveda Blvd and Madrona Ave.


Despite the relatively cool temperatures and high winds, I stood my ground once again in front of a company which is making war on biology, women, and children.

The company's stock has fallen $10 billion. Concerned citizens and parents have been protesting Target all over the country. One activist is driving a truck around the state of Minnesota, where the Target Corporation headquarters is located.

One mother strolled through another Target department store, recording the premises and calling out to all consumers: "Leave this terrible place! Stop the homosexual agenda."

For California MassResistance, we stood outside the Torrance, CA Target to make our case: #BoycottTarget until they rescind their disordered, misguided, and dangers "Transgender bathroom" policy."

We do not have a larger team this time,

But we made a bigger impact.

For the first hour and a half, I was by myself.

Within ten minutes, one of the employees walked up to me and asked what I was doing.

I simply reminded him that I was exercising my First Amendment rights to protest Target because of their "transgender bathroom" policy, which allows men into women's bathrooms and fitting rooms. This trend toward allowing people to succumb to their feelings rather than respecting reality is dysfunctional, destructive, and dangerous.

He ended up walking away, then returned to explain that he was not trying to challenge my right to be there. He just wanted to know what I was doing, since that was his first day working at the store.

Five minutes later, a driver passing by shouted at me: "F---k You! Open your mind."

Incredible. This fight is not about diminishing differences or fighting against diversity. This transgenderism policy is an attack on the foundations of individual genetics, as well as putting women and children at risk.

Talk about tolerance: "F--k you!" Really?!

Another lady was walking toward the store, but when she saw my Boycott Target signs, she thanked me. "I forgot about the company's transgender policy. I can go shop somewhere else!"

A few minutes later, another woman approached me, asking about my "Boycott Target" sign. I explained the policy which allows men into women's bathrooms. She thanked me for informing her, and she walked away.

As expected, three of the Target staff confronted me a little later. "You can't stand out here. We have a 'No Soliciting' policy."

I am not selling anything, however. I have not disturbed anyone, and do not stand in anyone's way to enter or exit the store. After I reminded them of my First Amendment rights to be there, they just walked away and never bothered me again.

More good news followed for precisely what did not happen: they never called the police, knowing full well that there was nothing they could do to stop California MassResistance.

A few other people agreed with my stance, and they told me that the only reason why they were shopping at Target for that day was that they needed an item which they could not get anywhere else. But that day would be their last day shopping at Target.

Another family walked by and informed me that former customers all over were cutting their Target cards. He came one last time to pick up an item that he cannot find somewhere else.

Some More Heated Opposition

Sadly, I encountered not just tacit supporters of the CA MassResistance cause, but also a number of shoppers who actually supported the transbathroom policy! "We should love one another!" one lady told me. A few parents--with their kids--even told me that they did not care.

I wonder how they will feel when a predator, pervert, or pedophile attacks their children in the restroom.

Another young lady claimed her support for the agenda, because she's gay. Huh?!

One woman actually claimed that Americans will get over this "transition", and even claimed that men and women share bathrooms in Europe, and there is no problem.

Uh, that is not true. European states are now experiencing an unprecedented rape epidemic, in growing part because of the refugee crisis flooding the country.

No, the destruction of gender and the lack of privacy for men and women is not a policy worth embracing. Not at all.

Another lady compared the trans-agenda to the Civil Rights movement. Really? If I were a black person, I would be outraged! Being black is not dangerous or dysfunctional, and having an African ethnic background is not a sexual perversion.

Outrageous! How disturbing indeed that young and old have been shamed into accommodating this destructive transvestite travesty because they fear the "bigotry" label.

More Help Arrives ...

Scott Carter joins CA MassResistance
Scott Carter of San Pedro arrived later that morning. His help was greatly appreciated.

More people signaled their their support for our cause.

This man talked about how women sometimes go into men's bathrooms, but only because it's an emergency. In general, women do wait longer to use the restroom, but they do not claim to identify as another sex in the process. But this transgender policy is about more than just last-minute convenience. Over all, he agreed with our protest!

Marilyn Haag protests Target
loudly and clearly!

One woman, Marilyn Haag, not only applauded our protests, but went on an epic rant against Target for their stupid and dangerous transgender policy: "If you have a penis, go in the men's room. If you have a vagina, you go in the women's room! It's that simple!"

People would drive by and wave at us, showing their support, too.

Scott shared some of his thoughts about the transgenderism controversy, too. Check them out here.


At first, I was disappointed, even a little worried that I was the only one standing out there for a little while. 

I can't blame other members of the team from last week. May 21st is Armed Forces Day, and Torrance hosts their annual parade--the last city in Southern California to still do so. 

I am not even sure what I am going to do for next week, since Memorial Day weekend is coming, and many families will be celebrating at home or going away for the weekend.

Marilyn and Scott for CA MassResistance!

Despite our lower numbers that day, CA MassResistance actually had a greater impact.

At least four people who had not know about the policy are needed to be reminded, were grateful for our presence there, and walked away.

We engaged a few other shoppers. We stood our ground against those who would try to silence us.

The security guard asked us to leave ...
then he left.
Even the security guard from last week showed up and told us to go: "You're here again? You're in front of a business"!

But the street and sidewalk are public property, and we can protest there. One lady with her little daughter explained our right to protest too.

At the end of our demonstration outside of Target, one woman--either emotionally unhinged or mental disturbed--began arguing with us. She was incoherent and unwilling to listen. Incidentally enough, she represented the Transgender movement  perfectly.

After the Event

Friends of mine who work at local restaurants told me how glad they are to see my protests. Another friend of mine was driving by and saw me. Like a growing number of average Americans fed up with the direction of the country  under Barack Obama. While talking to one friend, another person overhearing our conversation agreed, and even talked about the moral insanity which took over his high school. "Individual students could sign a waiver, claiming to be male or female and go into the bathroom which corresponded with their gender identity"

This is crazy!

More people are gathering the courage to speak out against this nonsense.

So, all in all, CA MassResistance' protest on May 21st was another big success!


  1. Way to go, wish I could've helped out! (half the State away though)

  2. Bless you! I'll be praying that you won't have to stand alone! And praising you for your logical thinking during stressful moments! This situation with Target is highly disturbing!!! It really is time Americans wake up and stand up ! XY and XX will Always be XY and XX !!!

  3. If you think a trans man should be in the women's restroom because her genetics determine her as a woman, I don't think genetic women will be comfortable with that either.

    Do you think trans women should go into the men's restroom? How uncomfortable will that be?

    Trans men and women have been going into their restrooms of the gender they align themselves with forever. You might not have even noticed.

  4. If you think a trans man should be in the women's restroom because her genetics determine her as a woman, I don't think genetic women will be comfortable with that either.

    Do you think trans women should go into the men's restroom? How uncomfortable will that be?

    Trans men and women have been going into their restrooms of the gender they align themselves with forever. You might not have even noticed.

  5. I read the comment about adam and steve ? really ? why are ya'll spreading misinformation ? being transgender has nothing to do with sexuality and contrary to your beliefs we are not men in dresses . and you might think who am I to know about this .? I am a transgender woman in a stable relationship with my wife of 9 years . so there debunks your adam and steve comment. as far as the chromosome theory look at science there are more than xx and xy. the variations range from xxy xyy and so on . wanna boycott target ...well that's your choice .if you wanna protest well that's your right in America . but please stop the fear mongering as it will get you no where.