Friday, May 20, 2016

David Hadley--Endorsed for Reelection by the Daily Breeze

There is no greater vindication for the cause of resurgent conservatism in the state of California than the growing consensus of newspapers to endorse Republican candidates for seats in the state legislature as well as statewide office.

In 2014, The Los Angeles Times stood with Pete Peterson for Secretary of State and Ashley Swearingen for State Controller. With the Top Two jungle primary in place, Republicans were just 200 votes away from assuring two Republicans battling for that seat in the general election.

In 2016, newspapers up and down the state are supporting Republicans for US Senate and for the state assembly.

One of the biggest reasons? The Democratic dominance in Sacramento is ruining the once Golden State, driving out taxpayers, investors, small businesses, and just about anyone else who can pick up and pay for a newspaper.

The liberal agenda which the media class has pushed -- is now pushing them out of business faster than the technology revolution ever could!

With this development in mind, our very own Assemblyman David Hadley has received his second endorsement from the Daily Breeze!

For once, they are getting it right!

When Republican Assemblyman David Hadley won the 66th District seat in 2014 against then-incumbent Democrat Al Muratsuchi, the improbable victory broke Democrats’ supermajority in the California Legislature.

Ending the Democratic supermajority has weighed heavily on many people's minds.

But it was close in the Democratic-leaning district — fewer than 1,000 votes separated them. Now the two are at it again, along with a third candidate, Mike Madrigal, a retail store manager.

The Democrats now face the struggle to unite their party in California. Outsiders, populists, and activists are budging up against each other. Mike Madrigal shared with one resident of the 66th Assembly district that Al Muratsuchi had his chance ... and lost. It's time for someone else in the Democratic Party to run.

With Democrats once again poised for a strong showing across the state, the specter that the Legislature could revert to a blue supermajority is being raised.

Notice that the editorial board refers to the chances of this take-over as a "specter." A liberal legislature threatening an oppressive, socialist agenda is indeed haunting.

How interesting that the metaphor alludes to communist philosopher Karl Marx, who described a "specter that is haunting Europe."

David Hadley

The socialist, redistributionist spirit holding European states hostage should serve as a severe example to stop the liberal Democratic agenda at every turn.

And David Hadley is doing just that in Sacramento.

That’s one reason to vote for Hadley, but it’s hardly the only one.

This is a ringing endorsement in itself.

Yes, a vote for Hadley, one of the few Republican elected officials from Los Angeles County in the state Legislature, would ensure that Democrats alone couldn’t override the governor’s veto and raise taxes, but it would also be a show of support for a legislator who sought to find a middle ground within a divided Legislature.

Yes. Hadley has united the center-right in the 66th Assembly District. Michael Reagan was begging for such an alliance four years ago, as the Obama GOTV machine was storming across the country to guarantee the unwholesome Alinsky acolyte another four years in Washington DC.

Muratsuchi did not win election in 2012 because of his campaigning, or his personality, or any commitment to South Bay residents. Obama pulled up his chances.

Fashioning himself a fiscal conservative focused on school reform, Hadley has done a good job of finding issues where there is common ground, most prominently transparency.

This is huge! Fiscal discipline and educational opportunity are two key issues in California, and Republicans are strong on these issues. Catharine Baker in the East Bay (Northern California) has stood strong on these issues, too. 

Last year, he authored two transparency bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The first, AB 1452, puts safeguards against misbehaving or, worse, predatory school employees by prohibiting school districts and charter schools from expunging records that show credible complaints, substantiated investigation, or discipline stemming from an employee’s egregious misconduct. Another bill he authored requires state agencies to promptly post financial reports. Gov. Jerry Brown signed both into law last year.

Transparency, honesty, and integrity are making all the difference. Democrats have routinely fought against these reforms. 

Muratsuchi, a formidable opponent who has strong union backing, paints himself as a moderate who got tax incentives for the aerospace industry and who was unafraid to cross party lines to oppose a bill that would have amended Proposition 13, a controversial 1978 tax measure. The bill eventually died.

"With strong union backing" spells out everything wrong with this candidate. He won on union money and a lot of national pull from Obama (and a lower turnout among Republicans who did not bother to vote). This time around, Republicans are more energized than the Democrats, and after the June primary, sources indicate that more Democrats--Bernie supporters--will stay home.

Ouch! Democratic chances are already diminishing, and add to that the shrinking voter registration difference in the 66th Assembly, the liberal elements are running scared in the South Bay. Residents are looking around the state and at the state legislature. They want moderation. They want respect and good governance.

David Hadley is providing all three!

He  [Muratsuchi] argues that he has a proven track record and while a legislator he wrote more bills that passed. But that is largely a function of being part of the dominant party.

Yes, and most of the time, he floated bills to buffet his reelection bid in 2014. He wanted to guarantee a loan for Hermosa Beach if the residents voted No on Measure O, and exposed themselves to paying $17.5 million to E and B oil.

He also wanted to cap superintendent salaries, but ended up withdrawing that legislation, too. Most of the time. Muratsuchi was depending on the Daily Breeze to serve as his publicist.

He hardly did anything. He never visited key communities of interest. Residents in Gardena informed me that he was almost never there.

Our endorsement goes to Hadley, who will continue to provide balance to the Legislature and will serve his district well.

Two key features of Assemblyman Hadley's tenure:

1. Balance. He ran to bring balance back to Sacramento and to the state of California.

2. Service: He is serving all teh constituents of his district, and his vision has expanded well beyond the 66th. He works with community leaders in El Segundo, San Pedro, and the northern part of Gardena.

Hadley more than deserved this endorsement. When I purchased a copy of the Daily Breeze, the gas station clerk on Crenshaw and Carson informed me that he could only provide bags with happy faces.

To him, it was cheesy. To me. it was perfect, stating not only my mood, but the general hope and ambiance of many South Bay residents grateful for a representative who is doing the best he can for all Californians.

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