Saturday, May 14, 2016

Two Transgender Bigots Attack California MassResistance

The intolerance and incapacity of the pro-Transgender Left knows no bounds.

Their rants and raving can be uite entertaining, too.

Most conservatives fear confrontation with these officials Social Injustice Warriors because of their abusive language and nefarious tactics.

Check out this video.

California MassResistance staged our first protest against Target, a corporation now headed by left-wing interests only interested in pushing an anti-human, anti-reality agenda against male and female.

The two bigoted girls attacked us and tried to shame us.

The very moment that they opened their mouths, they exposed their own stupidity and hatred.

People who fight for their rights, for pro-family values should never fear the bigotry of the Left.

The moment that they start talking about equality and fairness, you can tell that they really have no idea what they are talking about.

The two little girls began cursing at us, calling us "pieces of sh--t". One of them even claimed that she was more afraid of us than seeing a man dressed as a woman walking into her bathroom.

Unbelievable! Certifiably nuts!

While we protested in front of the Target Store, other pro-transgender shoppers called us bigots. One passenger in a car shouted: "Then don't piss in their bathrooms.

Back to the two bigoted girls.

Before they confronted us and started yelling at us, they had cursed at Robin and Janet, telling them: "Go F--k yourselves."


When they returned and starting shaming us, they remarked that we were wasting our time, not making any difference at all.

On the contrary, some shoppers asked us why we were boycotting the store, and some of them turned right around and went somewhere else to go shopping. After I posted the photos and videos from today's protest, more readers informed me that they would never shop at Target again.

So, the Left tries to attack and shame people, then discourage their efforts.

The last part was particularly surprising.

One of the ladies, with purple hair, ripped Wes Parker's sign out of his hands and tried to walk off with it. Immediately, Robin and I chased after her and recorded her running away from us.

At first, the two bigots seemed so bold. As soon as they broke the law and took Wes' sign away, they ran. They were not expecting us to follow after them with our cameras and record their cowardice and their malfeasance

And therein lies another lesson.

When left-wing activists attack, they are already scared. They have been taught to call opponents nasty names in order to silence debate and dissent.

Don't take anything that they say personally. Honestly, their hatred and bigotry is not only entertaining, but helpful for advancing your cause.

California MassResistance accomplished quite a lot today, and we intend to do more to promote pro-family values and stop the anti-civilization temper tantrum in our communities.

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