Friday, May 6, 2016

My Comments to Huntington Park City Council--May 3, 2016

Good evening Huntington Park City Council:                                                                             

I watched the news last week, from the protests in Burlingame to the riots in Costa Mesa. Who were the racists? Who were the dangerous elements? The anti-Trump protesters, that’s who!

I was particularly disturbed and offended by Mexican flags flying over the destruction and the poster of a child, exploited for political purposes, carrying a sign that read “Make America Mexico Again.”
You racist La Raza activists need your heads examined, and a history lesson to follow.

"Make America Mexico Again"?

The United States of America never stole any land from Mexico. None.

Let’s start with Texas. In the early 1800s, Mexican officials granted empresario land grants to settlers, many from the United States. Tensions between Texans (of all backgrounds) led to the Independence of Texas and its annexation to the United States.

1846, conflicts along the disputed Mexico/United States border led to the Mexican-American war.
Let us not forget that Mexico struggled from one dissolute government after another, including puppet emperors and weakened presidents. Turmoil and chaos were the political norm.

From 1846 to 1848, the American forces defeated the Mexican military, from city to city, following the same path as the Spanish conquistadores. The United States military even occupied Mexico City for a year. Now, in the midst of all this military upheaval, how did the Mexican citizens feel about the United States? They wanted to become Americans!

President James K. Polk

Even though Mexican militia fought against American military, Many Mexicans hoped that the President at the time, James K.  Polk, would annex the entire Mexican nation.

Why? For stability, for integrity, for the rule of law.

Polk was ready to do, but lost control of Congress that year. You see the rule of law mattered in the United States then as it does now!

After the war ended, the United States paid $40,000,000 (over one billion dollars today) for the Mexican Cession, which included California. The Gadsden Purchase followed, for another $10 million ($260 million today).

The signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

So, here’s the story. The United States purchased California and all other Southwestern territories fair and square. Instead of bearing a poster which reads “Make America Mexico again” it should read “Mexico will gain when it becomes like America.”

Your appointment of two illegal aliens is another sad attempt to push this false narrative. This is not Mexico, and never will be. Rescind the appointments of Julian Zatarain, Francisco Medina, resign your posts, and send the message to all cities: This is America, not Mexico!

Arthur Schaper

We the People Rising

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