Monday, May 23, 2016

LIE-lani Kimmel Dagostino? Aurelio Mattucci Speaks

Aurelio Mattuci of the Unified Small Business Alliance shared the following on Facebook about Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino:

Leilani Kimmel D'Agostino is a FRAUD. This is my opinion of her. Besides the fact that Torrance City Council candidate Leilani Kimmel D'Agostino likes to talk bad about me and many others to people in Torrance. She is also lying to the public.

I can attest to this too. She loved to tell me all the bad things about other candidates. She is a fractious gossip.

Since when is speaking the truth something we should fear?

George Orwell answered this question in his dystopian novel 1984:

"In terms of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Personally I don't care who Leilani uses for her campaign. I do however question the fact she denied using Jr. as her consultant.

She's a liar?

That is why I decided to share this "PUBLIC INFORMATION" with anyone that may have missed it.

I'm tired of the "Don't step on Political Toes" thing.

Politics is all about stepping on toes, when they step over the line. Individual citizens need to raise their voices and stomp their feet if necessary to stop the self-serving corruption and malfeasance in our cities.

Seems like this is information the public needs to know. She may still win, and I may make more enemies at city hall, but something no one could ever say is that I don't have the B----S to speak up.

As you know Torrance City Council Candidate Leilani D'Agostino is using Patrick Furey Jr. as her consultant. Amid the controversy with the Furey family, Leilani has been getting a lot of pressure from supporters about her relationship with Jr. and many advised her to drop him.
Funny thing is that she is now stating that she is no longer using Jr. but interestingly enough the company name changed according to her most recent 460 filing, but both the address and phone number of this "New" consultant is still the same as Liberty Campaign Solutions.
Feel free to compare for yourself.

Leilani is covering up her consultant relationship
with Patrick Furey Jr?


I had written to Leilani three times about Pat Jr. She never responded to my emails. I had to speak to

New company Presumably owned by Patrick Furey Jr.
Old Company…/liberty-campaign-solutions-llc… Also presumably owned by Patrick Furey Jr.

Do what you want with the info, after all it's public record.

Again, I don't care who she uses as her campaign manager, but if she has to lie about this, what else will she lie about in the future?

SHARE with your Torrance Voters if you think this is information they should know.

So, is Leilani a liar? Should we start calling her LIE-lani Kimmel-Dagostino?

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