Saturday, May 28, 2016

I Want a #TrumpSandersDebate

California is a battleground state once again. Normally, Golden State gawkers watch the presidential primaries rap up one month prior, while presumptive nominees work over Hollywood (Democrats) or Orange County (Republicans) for general election campaign cash.

At first, I was looking forward to Republicans battling it out for the remaining delegates. Cruz v. Trump, with a little Kasich on the side would have proved interesting.

From Indiana to now, though, Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is still sputtering along. Yes, she’ll win the nomination, but she just can’t clinch this deal. Untiring challenger Bernie Sanders is eating up all the scenery in the room, and he will be taking some of the furniture with him at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. There will be no brotherly love for the frayed and frustrated Democratic Party, divided over purpose, process, and principles (if they have any left).

To make matters worsen, the socialist US Senator of Vermont wants another debate with the weak front-runner. He may not win the nomination, but his left-wing wrangling assures that Hillary Clinton, who has been running for President for the past two decades, still will never win.

The talking heads were convinced in 2008 that Hillary Clinton was finished. She refused to give up quietly. This time, she will make a lot of noise taking down the liberal-progressive phalanx. Not long ago, Clinton Democrats were Republicans with a light blue veneer. Today, Hillary leaves Democrats, so addled with corruption, unconvinced due to her stiffness, unreal and unbearable.

Hard-core Democrats in California and throughout the county have one word to describe her:  fake.

“She’s a liar.” One Millennial told me, without my asking.

“I don’t trust her,” another young person told me. He knows more about economics that almost every Democrat in Washington DC, and most politicians in Sacramento. A fast-food employee still looking for more work and better pay, a robot may boot him out of a job very soon.

Hillary Clinton has faced—engendered, more accurately--massive protests, including outright disgust from Hispanic communities in the Eastern Los Angeles region. One Hispanic is running for my state assembly district, and he is a big Sanders fan. Many of them confess in private their support for Trump.

Hillary will have one hell of a time trying to curry favor with an increasingly disenchanted electorate still yearning for hope and change after the California primary, even if she ekes out a victory.

This last week, Donald Trump has hosted thousands of supporters at his rallies. Clinton can barely generate a crowd of five hundred, and even then some of the audience members support Republicans. They just want to see the slow demise of the Democratic front-runner.

Bernie Sanders is firing up voters all over the Golden State. Unions love him. Hispanics trust him. Wealthy, elite Democrats, true believers in the Cause, want the democratic socialist who will redistribute everyone else’s wealth (except for theirs, since their tax shelters and iron-clad trusts will secure their inheritance from the most rapacious of government programs).

So, the question on Trump’s lips and everyone else’s mind: what would a Trump v. Sanders debate look like?

I can imagine the Donald “You’re Fired!” Trump running rings around “Weekend at Bernie” Sanders. “Do you have a pulse, Burned-out Bernie?”

They would talk about the poverty gap, inequality, the troubles of the working man trying to get by. Sanders could tout his millions of speeches in which he repeats ad infinitum (and ad nauseam) how the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, etc. Trump is richer, has been bankrupt, lost businesses, grew businesses, helped millions of people get jobs. He knows how to game the system, knows who takes advantage of it. He talks about other people getting richer, and Making America Great Again.

Trump and Sanders both blasts big trade deals which hurt America at the expense of everyone else. Sanders wants taxes, Trump wants tariffs. At least we can keep more of our money with a Trump Presidency.

Are they going to talk abortion or gay marriage? Doubtful, since the economic populism of both campaigns has made them viable, long-lasting, and one of them the full-on nominee for his party—and both of them were late-comers to their respective parties, too!

Sanders will try to play the race card. Trump has photos, blogs, free press showcasing his outreach with minorities of all backgrounds. Sanders will say that the government belongs to We the People not the millionaires and billionaires. Donald Trump is a billionaire spending his immense riches on … what? Not his campaign, really. Trump has taken tough stances on immigration, and has lost business because of it, but he keeps plugging away, winning support, delegates, states, now the GOP nomination, and very likely the Presidency.

Will Sanders and Trump debate the Second Amendment? Trump should, and will, since he shoots his mouth off, and hits the target even when he misses. Sanders has tried to run away from his pro-gun record, and still can’t shake away his trigger-like support for the many gun owners of Vermont. Bang! You’re dead!

Trump and Sanders will definitely agree on one thing: a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for this country. An Obama third term, Clinton will open the borders for the illegal aliens, and she will open the taxpayer-funded coffers for Wall Street. With her hands open wide to every corrupt dictator in the Middle East, the Clinton Foundation cashing in on these rogue relationships, Clinton the first woman Presidential nominee will give women of high political profiles a bad name.

The real war on women? Hillary enabling her nymphomaniac husband, with a rap sheet of perversions and peccadilloes so rank and disgraceful, no one has to wonder why radical feminist Camille Paglia despises Her.

I want a Trump v. Sanders debate. It will be fun, informative (indirectly), and will further cap the Hillary Clinton campaign which never really could.

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