Saturday, May 21, 2016

Anthony Rendon: MIA for Cudahy

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon wants to stop the homelesness, corruption, and lack of transparency in California governance.

And yet for the past five months, Rendon has done nothing, absolutely nothing to stop the corruption, suppression of speech, and closed-off malfeasance eating away at Cudahy, CA.

Councilman Jack Guerrero is the only elected official in the city--and in the entire 63rd Assembly District, who is fighting for Cudahy residents.

He is a Republican, by the way, in a predominantly Democratic district.

Guerrero is committed to the people.

What about Rendon? Where is he?

The city council is driving the city into unsustainable debt.

Maywood is facing bankruptcy, in spite of siphoning off major services to other cities and closing down its police department.


Heckuva a job there, Tony!

By the way, Speaker Rendon, my assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance) confronted the corrupt mayor and his dealings with an ambulance company earlier this year.

If an assemblyman, a freshman in the minority party, could step up and out for his constituents, why not the Speaker of the state assembly?

When will Rendon step up for the residents of Cudahy, Maywood, and Bell?

Rendon is an absentee slumlord, for a guy who claims that he wants to help Latinos. He is part of the corruption he intends to stop!

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