Monday, May 23, 2016

Leilani Endorsed by Maxine Waters? Crazy!

"I am not afraid of anybody! This is a tough game! You can't be intimidated. You can't be frightened. And as far as I'm concerned, the TEA Party can go straight to hell!"

Such was the offensive rhetoric which spewed out of Congresswoman Maxine Waters' mouth in 2011.

For this reason, and many other offensive gaffes--including the outrageous and false claim that the 2013 sequester would cost $175 million jobs.

She has tried to run away from her radical, communistic past, but it's not working.

Now that Waters represents the greater part of Torrance, CA, she has had to tone down her rhetoric.

She has to be nice to people.

And yet she votes in lock-step with a dangerous and destructive political ideology which is hurting working class and middle income families.

This is wrong.

What's worse?

She has stepped into Torrance politics in a terrible way.

She has endorsed Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino.

What is going on here?

Do not take my word for it.

Here's a screen shot of Leilani posting her endorsement from Maxine Waters:

Leilani was hanging with Maxine Waters at her Christmas Party one year.

She kept telling me Torrance elected officials have to work with her, since she is one of the two federal representatives for the city. Now she boasts about her endorsement?

How can Maxine Waters spend any time at the Armed Forces Day Parade, since she stood on the same church platform blasting the Bush Administration and the War in Ira .. with none other than councilman Tim Goodrich standing by her side!

The city council is getting eaten up with this illliberal lunacy, and Leilani is proud of it!

She even told me about all the liberal Democratic endorsements which would be coming her way. At first, I had believed that they were lining up behind her because of community outreach and other commitment.

Now I see that they are getting behind her campaign because they know that she has no morals to impeded their agenda.

She was also getting close to Pat Furey.

She wanted to make nice with all the special interests in the city of Torrance.

She has compromised on so many levels.

And now reports circle that she has not gotten rid of the corrupted Patrick Furey Jr. from her campaign.

The city of Torrance needs principled leadership, not political pandering.

After I found this photo, I shared it on my Facebook page, and then other concerned citizens in the city did the same thing.

The city of Torrance is turning into a cesspool of liberal Democratic shenanigans harming the well-bieig of homeowners, students, and future prospects.

Enough is enough!

Shame on Leilani for allying herself with the corrupt, communistic Maxine Waters!

I think that Leilani's bid for city council can go straight to hell, too!


  1. Keep spreading the word about Leilani, folks. She is a hypocrite and a liar whose only concern is herself.

  2. Leilani, is a political hack who would sell her self to the highest bidder.

  3. Leilani always has seemed sketchy to me, but I supported her before because I thought that she could be objective. From what I have seen and heard from her, she is an absolute sellout, and has misrepresented many things to the public. No chance I will vote for her, or even talk to her again... she is as dishonest as they come.

  4. Aurelio MattucciMay 24, 2016 at 10:53 PM

    Leilani Kimmel D'Agostino is a FRAUD. This is my opinion of her. Besides the fact that Torrance City Council candidate Leilani Kimmel D'Agostino likes to talk bad about me and many others to people in Torrance. She is also lying to the public.
    Since when is speaking the truth something we should fear?
    Personally I don't care who Leilani uses for her campaign. I do however question the fact she denied using Jr. as her consultant.
    That is why I decided to share this "PUBLIC INFORMATION" with anyone that may have missed it.
    I'm tired of the "Don't step on Political Toes" thing.
    Seems like this is information the public needs to know. She may still win, and I may make more enemies at city hall, but something no one could ever say is that I don't have the BALLS to speak up.
    As you know Torrance City Council Candidate Leilani D'Agostino is using Patrick Furey Jr. as her consultant. Amid the controversy with the Furey family, Leilani has been getting a lot of pressure from supporters about her relationship with Jr. and many advised her to drop him.
    Funny thing is that she is now stating that she is no longer using Jr. but interestingly enough the company name changed according to her most recent 460 filing, but both the address and phone number of this "New" consultant is still the same as Liberty Campaign Solutions.
    Feel free to compare for yourself.
    New company Presumably owned by Patrick Furey Jr.
    Old Company Also presumably owned by Patrick Furey Jr.
    Do what you want with the info, after all it's public record.
    Again, I don't care who she uses as her campaign manager, but if she has to lie about this, what else will she lie about in the future?
    SHARE with your Torrance Voters if you think this is information they should know.

  5. I feel for you guys living in Torrance, and for my relatives in Torrance as well. Yes, I have family in Torrance; some of my family members from O.C. & Downey moved to Torrance a few decades ago to be closer to their work places. Now that Mad Maxine has invaded Torrance, she'll help turn that once wonderful city into a nasty run down ghetto dump, just like her ugly dumpy D'Inglewood. It was bad enough to see the neighboring city of Gardena getting run down into a dump with that banana brain bully Pushy Pauly the thug Tanaka taking bribes. I hope you guys in the South Bay can turn the tables on Mad Maxine Waters and portray her as a looney mad Establishment candidate this November.