Saturday, November 21, 2015

Big Labor Supports Korrupt Kammy

Kamala Harris rolled out another endorsement earlier this week, from another Big Labor organization in the state of California: the American Federeation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

This is the same union which Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker beat down, neutered, and then marginalized in 2011.

They do not need more power, and yet Kamala Harris wants to tout their support as a win for her side. Yes, they will pour in lots of money, but all of that cash comes out of the pocket of We the People of Los Angeles and throughout the state of California, as well as the entire nation.

Harris does not uphold the rule of law. She does not protect citizens. She promotes cozy connections with illiberal special interests in the state, but what about the rest of us?

She is not the right person to represent the state of California anywhere, let alone the US Senate.

Here is the eblast about her latest "endorsement":

Kamala Harris for Senate

We just got some exciting news. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) -- a union with 1.6 million members nationwide -- announced that they’re endorsing Kamala for Senate.

AFSCME said their decision to support Kamala boiled down to her stellar track record of tackling income inequality for working Californians, her commitment to strengthening Social Security and Medicare, and her fight to ensure our economy works for everyone.
Income inequality has gotten worse in California, aided and abetted by misguided policies from the labor unions themselves, including forced minimum wage hikes, unfettered immigration, whether legal or illegal, and pushing Obamacare  onto businesses, regardless of whether they can afford the mandate or not.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Fighting to protect California’s hardworking families is exactly why Kamala got into this race.

Korrupt Kammy with former AG Eric Holder
This statement is a joke. Working families are fleeing the state of California. Businesses are struggling to cope with the outrageous costs of operation in the state, and more people are facing tougher prospects for work. One small business owner reminded me that an unprecedented 95,000,000 people are not working in this country. Those number reflect the dire situations for many families in California, too, where the bottom 1,200 cities are located.

Now, with the backing of AFSCME, she’s one step closer to taking her fight to Washington.

Kamala has always been about getting results for working families. And an endorsement from one of the nation’s fastest growing labor unions is further proof that we all have to do everything we can to help get Kamala elected.
Does Harris even have a family? What do working families say about their prospects in California?
Final Reflection
Kamala Harris is the most illiberal politician yet to seek higher office in California. Most of the Sacramento elites are interested in pushing illegal immigration and de facto amnesty, grabbing people's guns, and expanding environmental protections at the expense of homeowners and taxapayers.
Now Big Labor has gotten behind her. It's time for more Americans to get in front of this mess and stop it before it gets worse.

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