Monday, November 30, 2015

Clint Eastwood for Congress?

Congressional District Twenty is open for the first time in decades.

Sam Farr is calling it quits, in part  -- whether he admits it or not -- because Democratic policies in Washington have turned into an epic fail for the entire party. Democrats are losing elected officials left and right, as they bolt to the GOP or get wiped out of office in one election cycle after the next.

With the Citizens Commission creating more competitive seats in California, Democrats must defend or fight for TEN Congressional seats.

Now, the CD-20 race is a little disappointing right now..

The one Republican, Casey Lucius, is a full-blown liberal on almost every issue.

She even opposes government shut-downs, if those measures would stop the excessive spending of the state.

Richard Rider of San Diego, a libertarian-leaning Republican, blasted her campaign on two fronts:

Not a single word on her positions on FISCAL matters. Gosh, isn't that a significant part of what one votes on as a Congress critter? Guess not.

I don't blame the candidate. Surely she has positions, if only platitudes. But the PRESS should delve into this issue when gauging the positions of candidates on the issues.

Her fiscal prudence does not even add up to platitudes, however. The shut-down argument has no merit, since government workers do get paid, if a little later.

Clint Eastwood for Congress

Isn't there someone better who could run for this seat, besides Leon Panetta Jr.?

How about another Carmel, CA resident: Clint Eastwood.

He is a libertarian, and embraces socially liberal views, but wants the government out of people's lives.

He spoke at the 2012 RNC Convention, and drew more applause and acclaim that the Presidential nominee.

He threatened to shoot Michael Moore if the crockumentarian ever barged onto his doorstep with a camera.

Eastwood speaking at a GOP club
(Fun Facts About Carmel)

With major name ID and strong national celebrity, Eastwood the former mayor of Carmel could make the Monterey, San Benito County seat competitive, and more conservative in 2016.

So, will Eastwood rise above the bad and the ugly in that Congressional district? Or do we have to settle for a liberal Republican with little credentials and ask ourselves: "Do I feel lucky?"

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