Monday, November 9, 2015

In Huntington Park, We the People Rising

November 3rd, 2015 issued forth a wave of victories for pro-life, pro-liberty, and pro-family forces across the country. Even here in California, the rule of law prevailed. Residents fed up with arrogant politicians endangering the citizenry (San Francisco Sheriff Mirkarimi) or exploiting the public purse (Obama-clone Chris Brown of Hawthorne, CA) pushed them out.

In the “City of Perfect Balance”, Huntington Park, CA, local activists did not win an election, but have generated more support from residents and concerned citizens throughout Southern California. The same city which boasted the dubious distinction of appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions, is now having second thoughts, or at least scrambling to end our pressure. The city council misjudged their calculated folly in appointing Julian Zatarain and Francisco Medina. Because of the city’s long relationship with fellow amnestarian state senator Ricardo Lara (who has violated the First Amendment rights of We the People Rising), our group has twice the incentive to stay and fight on.

In fact, this pro-immigration enforcement group has not stopped protesting, embarrassing, and harassing the four city council members who appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions. And we are loving every minute of it.

The frustrated city council have altered the times for public comment, hoping that We the People Rising would slink away in defeat. Instead, we turned “sour lemons into something wonderful”. During closed session, we removed to a side meeting room, and held a forum to plan our next events and discuss strategy. Sometimes, members of our group would talk over each other or lose focus. Now, in the think of the battle, we can work together, discuss our progress and the next steps to remove the illegal aliens, force out the city council, and send the right message to all cities in the state of California.

Having fun is essential to good, conservative activism. Without the enjoyment, people taper off and stop showing up. From Saul Alinsky: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Instead of repeatedly yelling, We the People Rising are relying on every method to keep up the pressure on the Huntington Park City Council, and bring down the rogue members who have broken the law with impunity.

Traffic has gotten tighter for our group traveling to HP every two weeks, but we still manage to make it and make our case. This time, I brought another vocal fighter for the constitutional cause, Arthur Plourde. A man who wears his patriotism on his heart and sleeve (and even his neck tie), he had looked for this immediate opporutntiy Omar Navarro, another Torrance, CA resident and candidate for Congress, arrived late, but came in strong. The son of Cuban immigrants, he blasted the city council’s illegal immigration lawlessness.

Vaughn Becht of Westminster, CA, had shouted down the city council on August 17th: “God bless Donald Trump. And. . .You’re Fired!” On November 3rd, he rolled out an empty suit, then compared the unoccupied clothing to the city council holding seats at the bidding of someone else. Robert Newman, the same pastor whom the council had thrown out for saying “Yes!” three times, related some dark humor: “My Spanish is college learned. One man told me, if I really wanted to learn street Spanish, I should go to Huntington Park.” Loud laughter ensured. He then shamed the city council for avoiding the celebration of “Immigrants Day”, an obligation per federal law. Armed forces attended a wonderful event at the home and shop of HP resident Nick “The Greek” Ionnidis. Nick is a taxpayer, Chanell Temple announced, and they should treat him with respect. For a city which promotes its love and respect for immigrants, the city council could not take one hour to attend the October 28th
“Immigrants Day” celebration: “Shame on you for not taking care of this man and persecuting him,” Stella Stephens railed.

Raul Rodriguez lectured the officials about the First Amendment, then seconded a motion to allow participants to write not just the day but the time in which they submitted their speaker cards :”We’re going to continue coming here, and tell you to wake up. . .We are constituents without borders.”
Wes Parker offered the best routine. First, he strolled up slowly to the podium, then ridiculed the council’s petty attempts to silence us: “Welcome to criminal night in Huntington Park, once again!
We want to know about your Christmas Day Parade!” I didn’t crack a lot of jokes, but I had something better: a letter from the Public Integrity Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Then spoke the elder Arthur from Torrance. He threatened to contact the US Attorney’s office to investigate the city, the board of supervisors to have the city decertified. His best quote excoriated the city council: “What a joke you are! Shame, Shame, Shame! If you have any brains, you’re sitting on them!” Mike McGetrick of Orange described the city’s latent potential. He’s famous, too, for confronting Congressman Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) about his vote to fund executive amnesty. McGetrick called him a liar, and Knight threatened: “If you touch me again, I will drop your ass!” Getrick continues to drop in and oppose illegal immigration, and the politicians who enable it, particularly in Huntington Park.

At the end of the meeting, which none of us had attended before the public comment moved, I called out to Mayor Karina Macias: “Why won’t you answer my questions? You were so proud of what you did two months ago. Why are you running away?” “I’m still proud”, Macias mouthed at me, but quietly, turning away. Apparently, she isn’t. None of them are. Ashamed and disgraced, the Huntington Park city council is receding, but We the People are rising! Interviewing one of our members, Urban Game Changer Shirley Husar, national radio host Laura Ingraham is helping to expose Huntington Park’s lawlessness. We are initiating more investigations against the city, including an Enforcement Tour to all major law enforcement agencies. Stay tuned.

Please join our efforts!

Next Huntington Park, CA City Council Meeting -- November 17th.

We need more of We the People to rise up and call out this city council!

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