Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What is Councilmember Sanabria Writing About?

At the last city council meeting (November 3rd, 2015), I called out Council member Marilyn Sananbria is writing on her computer during oral communications.

Why is she refusing to listen to her constituents or from comments from the public?

Every communication during city council meetings must be open to the public.

Sanabria should not be writing anything during the council meeting, or if she insists on writing, she needs to share her communications with the public.

I sent an email detailing another records request to the Huntington Park City Clerk's office.

It took them six days, and even then I had to contact them first.

Here is the contents of the first email which I sent to the City Clerk:

Dear Ms. Schwartz:

I would like to know what Councilmember Marilyn Sanabria is writing about on her computer during city council meetings.

Why is she writing during the city council meetings, particularly during public comment?

On November 3rd, I saw her writing all the time during orals.

She is not supposed to making comments or doing any communicating without those communications being open to the public.

I request all the communications which councilmember Sanabria wrote during our public comment.

Those computers are public computers, and their information belongs to the public.

Formal Request:

I would like to have all the emails and other written communications from Sanabria written on the public computer at her desk during the November 3rd, 2015 Huntington Park City Council meeting.

Thank you.

Six days later, I called the city clerk and asked why I had not received a ready response to my query. Schwartz answered the call, and was somewhat shocked - shocked - that she had not gotten a response to me by that time.

Marilyn Sanabria

Her email response is below:

Dear Mr. Schaper,
The City Clerk’s Office is in receipt of your public records request via this email on November 4, 2015 regarding the below request and will be forwarding to the appropriate department. 
 In accordance  with government code section 6253(c), please allow 10 days from receipt of your request to determine whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of disclosable public records in the possession of the City, we will notify you of the determination within the allowable time.

The clock is ticking, and I still have received nothing on this request. Nothing.

The Public Integrity Division of the LA County District Attorney's office already affirmed what what We the People Rising and I had been saying: our First Amendment and Brown Act rights were violated when Mayor Macias and the city council had Dr. Robert Newman and me removed for asking questions or saying "Yes" three times.

The city council has less remove to hide, and they need to feel more of the pressure.

Contact the Huntington Park City Clerk and the four rogue city council members. Demand that they share the contents of their written communications during public comment.

Donna Schwartz, City Clerk
6550 Miles Avenue
Huntington Park, CA 90255
c/o City Clerk, Room 148
 (323) 584-6230

Jhonny Pineda
4326 E. 60th Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8967

Graciela Ortiz
6928 Mountain View Ave.
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8852

Karina Macias:
2411 E. Gage Ave, Apt. 10
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 482-6640

Marilyn Sanabria:
3425 Live Oak Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 356-9498

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