Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ernie Konnyu Faults Racist Expletives, then Curses At Me -- Confused?

Retired Congressman Ernie Konnyu has continued soliciting support from potential donors and conservative grassroots activists in the state of California regarding the upcoming US Senate race in 2016.

I speak out clearly on this matter -- I want a Republican to make it into the Top Two general election and win the seat. For a few months earlier this year, I had hoped to gather momentum for Condoleeze Rice to run. She was polling better than Kamala Harris, who is the current front runner, and looked like the best candidate for the seat.

She does not want to run, and yet I still get eblasts from Shawn McCutcheon's PAC to "Draft Condi."A South Bay conservative activist gave me a shirt with Condi Rice, too.

So happy, but we need to move on.

Konnyu, a conservative outlier, whom I question in one regard because of his support for Common Core, still throws out interest. "Do you want me to run?"

I had kindly joked with Ernie Konnyu to consider running as a Democrat. The fact is that another Democrat should run to further split the vote among the current top two polling: Harris and Sanchez.

What can I say? I am willing to trying anything.

Half facetiously, I wrote:

Run as a Democrat.

Splinter Korrupt Kammy and Loony Loretta's voters.

The irony now gets more interesting.

He was not happy with my response:

Wonder why you did not use your considerable intellect in composing your below reply?


I appreciate the kind words, but then it took a slight turn for the worse. . .

In another  Ernie eblast, titled:

American Latino Kids Cuss Trump Out- Caution: Bad Language‏"

 Konnyu slammed the racist, disgusting, and stupid "Deport Racism" commercial, which features Hispanic youth cursing and making offensive gestures at GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Konnyu wrote "F-ck You"
US Senate Material anyone?

I wrote back to him:

So, will you run as a Democrat?
Maybe you can join me at a Coffee with Congressman Becerra next Thursday in Downtown Los Angeles.

(By the way, it would be fun to crash Becerra's Coffee Meet and Greet!)

Can you convince HIM to run?

Konnyu's response:

So, will you run as a Democrat? F*CK YOU

Well. . .

So, Konnyu denounces racism and expletive laden hate toward Donald Trump, but curses at me?

Could we please get more people who are serious about running, and not just interested in promoting themselves? Former one-term Congressman Ernie Konnyu of East Bay writes "F-ck You" to me, and yet asks  around for support to run for US Senate.

We can and must do better. I do not mind disagreement. I have had my war of words with CA GOP Chairman Jim Brulte and South Bay activists. We have since made up and are moving forward.

The fact is, California conservatives, we need more than ambition and bombast. We need a team effort from grassroots networks, party leaders, and donors to make this race happen. I want to be part of that effort. Who is with me?

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