Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To the Daily Breeze: What about the Rest of US?

The Daily Breeze
 editorial board contends that the President of the United States should do more to help illegal alien minors fleeing their homelands.

Obama has already subverted the rule of law to assist these migrants. Many of those illegal “minors” in last year’s migrant crisis were adults with felony records, who continue to break the law. Furthermore, millions of American foster kids, including abused and runaway youth need help. Don’t their dreams matter? The disabled and veterans born or naturalized in the United States deserve our nation’s attention. What about them?

For all the talk about the ten or eleven million illegals living in American’s shadows, when will our elected officials start caring about the three hundred and twenty million citizens whose rights our government officials have sworn to uphold and protect?

The local press should start advocating for their safety and security of legal residents rather than illegals.

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