Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Statements to Hawthorne, CA City Council

Good Evening, Hawthorne City Council.

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of Torrance, Ca, but a citizen journalist and lobbyist fighting for the causes of individual liberty, limited govt, and constitutional rule.

First, I want to share my concerns about prior Hawthorne City Council meeting cancellations. Transparency and accountability are essential to good governance, and I was very disappointed as well as frustrated that I could not speak at the last city council meeting. Two members of the city council – Olivia Valentine and Nilo Michelin, informed me that they were ready to attend, and then they received notice that the meeting was cancelled. Two other members of this city council were ill.
A few residents who had also come to city hall complained that these last minute cancellations occur the week before an election. I certainly hope that is not true, and I also hope that in the future, in sickness or in health, all city councilmembers will attend their city council meetings. I have friends and colleagues who come to work, rain or shine, well-off or feeling-off, and they do not allow sickness to stop them.

Hawthorne, CA

Second, as a resident of Torrance, CA – I have spoken out in opposition to a new environmental energy program called “Community Choice Aggregation.” I understand that the city of Hawthorne has looked into investing or at least investigating in this program. This agenda does not help the community, does not promote choice, and aggregates wealth and power to the few at the expense of the rest. Communities in Northern California who invested in these alternative energy models in collusion with local government discovered that energy prices soared without requisite efficiency or better access to energy. This program does not work and the city would be better off investing in public safety,

Last of all, I want to congratulate councilmember Alex Vargas on his election as the next mayor of the City of Hawthorne. After a spate of mayors convicted of crimes or routinely held to contempt for poor governance, I anticipate that the city of Good Neighbors will be able to look forward to more good vibrations – in honor of well-known Hawthorne residents, the Beach Boys.

Once again, I thank the residents of the city of Hawthorne who voted out the incumbent Mayor. If I don’t pay my rent, I get threatened with eviction. Mayor Brown didn’t pay his rent, and he got evicted. If I stiff my consultants, I get sued. Brown did the same, and the people followed suit. If I steal signs, I go to jail. Chris Brown’s supporters were stealing signs, and now the city won’t have to seem anymore.

I am so glad that voters in this town took the advice from social media: “If it’s Brown, flush it down!”

Thank you and have a great evening, city of Hawthorne.

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