Saturday, November 21, 2015

Liberal Monterey Bay Republican is Pro Second Amendment

Sam Farr's sudden announcement for retirement got my attention, and raised my hopes that Republicans could compete not just in the Inland Empire or the South Bay, but even along the otherwise liberal Monterey Bay Peninsula.

Crazy but true, I am the optimist, now more than ever, especially since a Republican represents me in the state assembly for the first time in over twenty years.

Farr is now a far away memory.

So far, eight Democrats are interested in the 20th Congressional District, and well they should be, since the Democrats have a thirty point advantage in the constituency -- at least per the Pacific Merdian Imaging profile:

54 % Democrat vs. 22% Republican -  Ouch!

So far, one Republican has declared her interest in the seat: Casey Lucius, councilwoman of Pacific Grove, California.

Here is her statement about why she is a Republican:

Some people have told me that I am not conservative enough to be a Republican.
I’m often asked why I’m a Republican, and it’s a question that deserves a response, for two reasons. First, I reject the assertion that others get to tell me what it means to be a Republican, and second, because those of us who want to earn the public trust should be prepared to tell the public what we stand for.

Pacific Grove Councilwoman Casey Lucius s running for Congress
I believe in climate change, I believe in comprehensive immigration reform, and I believe that it is a leadership failure to shut down the federal government and imperil the lives of public employees over the alarming actions of a single organization. 
Basically, Lucius spent much of the editorial explaining how little she identified with the Republican Party. One politico in the region even remarked: "Are you sure you are in the right party?"
She wants to amend and "fix" Obamacare, not repeal it. She is pro-abortion. She is pro-climate alarmism, er. ..change. She checks every liberal talking point. . .
Except on gun control.
Her position on the Second Amendment from her campaign website reads:
As a member of Congress, I would seek to balance individual rights with ensuring the safety of our communities. A staggering 80% of gun deaths are gang-related.

On the Central Coast, we have a gang problem, not a gun problem. There are also more suicides committed with firearms than there are homicides. By investing in gang- and suicide-prevention programs, and proper training in firearms safety, we can focus on the real issues and create a safer community for the families of the Central Coast.

"We have a gang problem, not a gun problem." For all her illiberal protestations, she is pro Second Amendment, and not interested in gun control. She did not even mention background checks!

The Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. I support the Second Amendment and the right of self-defense.

Wow! How many liberal or left-leaning candidates have the courage to speak for gun rights and ownership? The second question arises: what is it about the Second Amendment lobby which ensures that even the most liberal of political candidates will defend rather than redefine this crucial yet controversial right in the Bill of Rights?

Conservatives who are frustrated with the attacks against marriage and family, with the anti-science and anti-liberty onslaught against man and local government need to learn why Second Amendment supporters have remained so effective and influential, regardless of the state or city election in play.


  1. Not a single word on her positions on FISCAL matters. Gosh, isn't that a significant part of what one votes on as a Congress critter? Guess not.

    I don't blame the candidate. Surely she has positions, if only platitudes. But the PRESS should delve into this issue when gauging the positions of candidates on the issues.

    1. Why don''t you ask her? I did not find anything on HER website which talked about a strong stance on fiscal issues. Sure, stabilizing the corporate tax rate? How about lowering it! She does NOT want to repeal Obamacare. These are fiscal issues, certainly! And she does not stand out strong on them.