Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Comments to Huntington Park City Council -- November 3rd, 2015

Good Evening, Huntington Park City Council:


Yes, We the People are still here, and we are not going anywhere.

Yes, We the People are rising, and we are fighting the good fight.

Yes, we are keeping up the pressure, and this shout has gone to the whole wide world
Si, se peude! Si, juntos podemos! Si! Si! Si!

I have attended these meetings for the last three months. I have seen grown adults dancing before Huntington Park residents making fools of themselves. Of course, I am talking about the four puppets of Efren Martinez and their support for two illegal aliens sitting on city commissions.

I have seen people using bad grammar. That would be this city council, misusing the words “undocumented immigrant” to describe Julian Zatarian and Francisco Medina, two illegal aliens who three months ago ran to the cameras to tell the world they were breaking the law and yet today cannot be found anywhere. That would also include the police chief and city attorney, who have turned the rule of law on its head, throwing out a senior citizen for saying “”Yes! Yes! Yes!” while tacitly supporting a criminal enterprise within city hall.

(from October 21, 2015)

I have seen people misusing the law. What is it about the word “illegal” that you do not understand? Is it the “ILL” part or the “Legal” part? I understand that “legal” is hard for the majority on this council.

I have heard people say that the We the People lost. Then how come more people show up to protest, and readers all over the country are supporting our efforts?!

More people are giving Mr. Pineda a call, and yet he tries to prevent protesters from speaking out, trying to limit our freedom of speech. So, one hour of oral communications and then another period long after the meeting is over? Fine! That gives me more reason to stay, protest, and let the whole world know that you are not getting away with anything!

I have heard people say that We the People have nothing but empty threats. Here is a letter from the assistant head deputy of the Public Integrity Division of the District Attorney’s Office. They are investigating you! I told you so! I have a state senator’s office which has intervened on my behalf to get more press on this council’s egregious affront to the rule of law.

And my Congressman, Ted Lieu, has offered to investigate ICE, to follow up on my concerns, and to press for enforcement of the rule of law.


It’s time to rescind the appointments of two illegal aliens. It’s time for Ortiz, Sanabria, Pineda, and Macias to step down. It’s time to send the message around the world: cities are for citizens, city commissions are for citizens, and let all the citizen, born and naturalized shout:


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