Friday, November 6, 2015

Huntington Park Mayor Karina Macias Runs Away

At the November 3rd, 2015 Huntington Park City Council Meeting, only four of the city council members attended. Valentin Amezquita, the lone dissenter on appointing the two illegal aliens to city commissions, did not attend.

The four rogue members then tried to reschedule or speaking time, as though they could discourage us from attending and speaking out against their immoral and illegal appointments.

Their plan backfired, just like the offensive and racist commercial against Donald Trump.

First, Mayor Macias and company decided to call up the speakers who wanted to comment on an agenda item. Only person stood up to speak.

When the city council removed to closed session, We the People Rising (WPR) moved to a discussion room down the hallway. While most of the group relocated, I stayed in the city council chambers and started speaking with one of the reporters and discussed the issues with a number of high school seniors. 

They high school students were attending the meeting for their government class, yet they attentively and respectfully listened to my comments. Two more journalism students - from El Camino college! - also spoke with me and asked for more information about what is going on in Huntington Park.

So, already the city council has provided us an incentive not just to stay but to inform more residents about what is going on in their city, how the elected officials are damaging their town's reputation while aiding and abetting lawlessness.

During WPR's meeting in a side room, I told everyone what I had received from the Los Angeles DA's Public Integrity Office, and then other members talked about their concerns with illegal immigration, our plans to confront enforcement agencies not investigating this matter or not doing their job, and a wonderful meeting to follow of us committed patriots raising awareness and putting pressure on the Huntington Park City Council.

Mayor Karina Macias
At the end of the meeting, the Huntington Park City Council was forced to listen to our ongoing railings against their illegal actions. More Huntington Park residents showed up to complain and confront the city council about their illegal actions, including the appointed of two illegal aliens.

At the end of the meeting, I questioned Mayor Karina Macias, who began walking away from me. I demanded to know why she continued to stand by the appointments of two illegal aliens. Did she not understand the harm she was doing to her city, and the insult to legal residents?

She quietly stated that she was "proud" of what she did. Yet two months ago, she was running to the cameras, telling the whole world her pride for appointment two illegal aliens to city commissions. 

Now, the mayor runs away and won't say anything.


Contact the Huntington Park City Council, and tell them to rescind the appointments, step down, and send the message to all cities: public positions of power and authority belong to citizens, not to illegals.

Jhonny Pineda
4326 E. 60th Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8967

Graciela Ortiz
6928 Mountain View Ave.
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8852

Karina Macias:
2411 E. Gage Ave, Apt. 10
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 482-6640

Marilyn Sanabria:
3425 Live Oak Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 356-9498

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