Thursday, November 12, 2015

George Will: Wrong About Reagan and Conservatism

Bill O'Reilly and George Will flew into a heated debate, which turned into a mini-tirade of personal attacks and insults a few days ago.

What were they fighting over? The historical accuracy of Bill O'Reilly's latest book "Killing Reagan". In one key section of the book, O'Reilly details information from an in-house memo, which claimed that Ronald Reagan may have been mentally incapable of discharging the duties of President. The chief of staff who replaced Jim Baker,

"It is doing the work of the Left, which knows that in order to discredit conservatism, it must destroy Reagan's reputation as a President."

That is not true.

O'Reilly and Will feuding over the Reagan Legacy

Conservatism is and must depend not just on the force of personality, but the records of accomplishment and growth from local and statewide candidates, elected officials, and concerned activists, too.

Whether Ronald Reagan as an individual or statesman withstands heavy scrutiny from historians, journalists, or new commentators, the facts and legacies of American conservatism are secure.

Conservatives in general are not interested in one or two people, fans or faithful.

They are interested in the values, the process, the truth of outcomes.

Whatever the Left or the Right may think of Ronald Reagan, they cannot diminish the truth and efficacy of conservative principles.

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