Sunday, November 8, 2015

Preliminary Reaction to SNL Trump

Rarely have I moved my time and calendar to watch a TV show these days.

I do so much reading and writing now, and I work on the computer so much, that sitting in front of a TV felt kind of foreign to me.

When I learned that Donald Trump was going to host Saturday Night Live, I wanted to make sure that I watched as much as I could..

For the first time in months, I had to stop and watch commercials. Sadly, the commercials were brighter and funnier than much of the skits of the performance on Saturday Night Live.

It just was not that funny. The new actors are completely foreign to me. What acting school did some of them graduate from?

Donald Trump was calm, cool, and collected. Yes.

The rest of the cast -- they were just not funny.

Donald Trump was great. SNL was not.

The one skit about  the dad and the tax agent dancing - very funny.

But that was about it.

Frankly, I started falling asleep.

I was expeccting so much more.

If the protesters had to do it over again, they shuold have urged viewers to boycott the show, not because of Donald, but because of everyone else.

They are not funny.

It was pretty lame altogether. I did not find that much to laugh at.

Even Larry David's impersonation of Bernie Sanders were not funny, for the most part because they were so achingly accurate.

It was not a lively evening on the whole. Donald Trump was the winner, trying to make the most of a show filled with bad acting, weak scripts, and no real talent to speak of aside from himself.

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