Friday, November 20, 2015

My Beach Cities Republican Club Speech - November 19, 2015

November 19th, 2015 was one of the busiest, yet most successful days of my life.

Working with an excellent and inspiring activist group, We the People Rising visited three important offices to demand enforcement of the rule of law in Huntington Park, CA.

First, we visited the FBI office in West Los Angeles, right off the 405 Freeway. The duty agent took our information. Next we visited the office of Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance/Los Angeles) and demanded more action on immigration enforcement as well as more focus and attention on Americans. Lastly, with little time to spare, we arrived at the US Attorney's office to file more complaints.

With even less time left, we struggled out of Downtown Los Angeles (it took an hour just to get onto the 110!), and then drove all the way to Torrance, CA Sizzler (Great driving, Mike McGetrick!)

So glad that get the Enforcement Tour done. To top everything off that night, the Beach Cities GOP members elected me to be their next President!

Today, I am posting the speech which I gave to members last night. These are my hopes, dreams, and goals for the club.

Good evening, fellow conservatives.

My name is Arthur Schaper, a long-time resident of Torrance, CA and life-long conservative citizen. I am also a nationally recognized writer, blogger, radio guest. Some have called me a citizen journalist and lobbyist.

I would like to add, with your support, President of Beach Cities Republicans.

I have been in contact and worked with the Beach Cities Republican club since 2011, when I became more politically active. What pushed me over the edge? Obamacare – and Obama in general.

I reached out to David Hadley – who at the time was the President of the club.

He and I began sharing ideas on helping Craig Huey win the Congressional race after Harman’s retirement.

I have worked on a number of campaigns, pushing for more victories at the local as well as the state level. Now that I have been a member, current, active, and involved, for the past three years, I want to be your President.

I did not know that the club was seeking new leadership, until two people approached me after the October meeting “Are you running for BCR President?”

At first, I did not know that there would be an election, since Evan Chase has done such a tremendous job. When I learned that he is termed out, I decided that I wanted to run.
I had lots of ideas in place, and I have worked with current and prior leaders to help this club grow, and to achieve more victories, register more Republicans, and expand our influence throughout the South Bay and in California.

BCR Logo

I am friends and strongly acquainted with local and statewide elected officials, including our own assemblyman David Hadley.  I want to bring more elected officials to our club, bring in more inspiring speakers, influencers, and leaders.

CA GOP Chairman Jim Brulte and I have worked together to expand our brand and increase our outreach. Republicans all over the state are in touch with me about what we are doing here in the South Bay. I have asked Chairman Brulte to speak to our club again. I have also asked the Chairman to stage the next CA GOP Southern Convention here in Torrance! He is already looking into the proposal.

What are the other goals I would like to implement as your next President?

1. Bring in more good speakers to inform and engage our efforts – including US Senate and other statewide candidates.

2. Ensure the reelection of our current assemblyman David Hadley as well as more Republicans to local office.

3. Charter our group so that we can begin endorsing local candidates for office.

4. Establish a PAC to support expanding our brand, extending our outreach, and engaging our candidates to win.

5. Recoup previous members who have left the club, let them know that without their efforts, this club would not exist, and their ongoing participation is essential.

6. Build on the talents of our current members to impact our communities. Everyone of you has skills, experience, expertise which we need to tap into. Arthur Plourde and I went to Huntington Park CA to protest the appointment of two illegals to city commissions. You should have seen him in action.

7. Add to the successes of prior leaders and advance their goals. David Hadley made the GOP effective again in the South Bay. Evan Chase has enhanced our connections with local communities and networks. I want to strengthen our political campaigns and long-term goals.

Is this an ambitious set of goals? Yes. And I am up to the task to lead this club to achieve those goals.

Please join me and elect me your next Beach Cities Republican Club President.


  1. Mr. President,
    I suppose "congratulations" are in order.
    Looking forward to 2016, and bagels!
    Respectfully, the loyal opposition.
    Jimmy Gow, President, Torrance Democratic Club

  2. Arthur, I was on board until you started pushing David Hadley. He is a true RINO and a Democrat on social issues like doctor assisted suicide, abortion and homosexual marriage (I don't give a damn about the atrocious US Supreme Court ruling that had no constitutional basis). Last I heard he wasn't even on board on COS. I hope you have a COS speaker at your meeting. COS is the only way we can reign in the power of DC. It is the only way to get term limits on Congress, a balance budget and curbing executive power through "executive orders".