Sunday, November 15, 2015

Black CA Conservatives Get the Door

One local black conservative activist has been visiting her elected representatives in the Los Angeles area for a number of years.

Yet she has faced nothing but closed doors. The offices are on lock-down, or the representatives do not bother to answer her calls.

What is it about these black elected officials? Many of them are Democratic. They run on campaign promises to help their fellow minority constituents, then turn their back on them once in office?

Read her comments below:

Hello Teammates,

On Thursday (11-12-15) I made 3 Office Visit to my area Representatives. In all 3 occasions the doors were locked. Keep in mind this is before the Paris attack. I did have a chance to speak to someone and express some concerns. Also, the last 3 weeks I visited a couple of offices in my area before Thursday and their doors were locked with people inside, but none of them would came outside to speak with me. 

What in the Hell is going on with all these locked doors, especially in the Black Community. At least when we travel outside the Black Community, Representatives there have their doors open. I ask again, What is going on with the Representation in the Black Community? Why are they on lock down? What are they planning next for the Black Community? 

One name comes to mind when reading these comments: Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Black conservatives are growing in number

It is all politics and no service with many local officials, who coast on their color and hope that voters cast their ballots based on the same metric. Residents need people of integrity and character to represent them in office.

Maxine Waters fits this description, along with the phalanx of corrupt, Democratic politicians in the Hispanic Southeastern LA corridor.

African-Americans in Los Angeles County and throughout the state of California need to be treated with respect when they speak with their elected officials, as do all other Americans. Yes indeed, if black lives matter, they should prove it by treating their black constituents with respect.

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