Saturday, November 7, 2015

Election Night 2015: Oh What a Night!

It was the mid 1970s, and The Four Seasons recorded a warm, feel-good hit for to airwaves:  “December, 1963”. It’s the late teens of the 21st century, and the good times are rolling like never before for the GOP. November 3rd, 2015, and Oh What a Night! Perhaps overlooked for the variably seasoned politico, this election day was a feast of delight for me. The present is already making me happy, and the future is bright not just for Republicans, but particularly for the conservatives fed up with Washington GOP reps saying: “We won’t stop the spending, but we’ll just overspend by a little less.” Try that line with a police officer: “I didn’t stop, but I slowed down.” Ticket!

The states are leading the charge for the constitutional conservative charge, as another under appreciated governor had affirmed (that would be Scott Walker, chumps!) So, let’s talk about the big winners for conservatives, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-constitution.

Governor-elect Matt Bevin (R-Kentucky)

Kentucky’s Tea Party “Ditch Mitch” challenger Matt Bevin won the governor’s race. One of a handful of gubernatorial seats up for grabs, Bevin may have lost to Mitch (who has lost the respect for almost every grassroots fighter), and Bevin looked like he would lose again. He ended up crushing the Democratic Attorney General Conway (didn’t he lose to US Senator Rand Paul, too?). The issues? The ones we all care about: Obamacare. The lastest co-op flops took down thousands of Kentucky residents’ insurance plans. How about Kim Davis? We saw the first face of judicial tyranny and homo-fascism try to stifle freedom of speech and the press. Bevin sided with Kim, and voters sided with Bevin.

Wow! Just Wow!

Can you hear the roaring crowds of miners rejoicing? Their chief executive will fight for them and stop Obama’s war on coal. Right-to-work has worked steadily through Kentucky’s individual counties. Expect Bevin to channel his inner Scott Walker and bring the Bluegrass (or is it now Redgrass?) state into the Freedom to Work fold very soon. And check out the black, female, conservative Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton.

Governor Phil Bryant (R-Mississippi)
Down to the Magnolia State, or Mississippi to you and me. Governor Phil Bryant cruised to reelection. A standout among Republican governors, he rejected the Medicaid kool-aid, and is not toying with tax increases, like his Alabama counterpart (who for some very bad reasons endorsed anti-conservative Kasich for President). A little more inside baseball, perhaps, but worth knowing. Republican legislators have pressed the right Democrat, got him to switch GOP, and now have a supermajority! Mississippi Democrats were struck with an after-thought truck driver who forgot to vote for himself in the primary. Democrats and liberals in general are becoming an increasing afterthought throughout the country, too. (Don’t take my word for it. The shrilly, shrilly liberal Washington Post admitted as much).

Houston, Texas regressives got their necks stepped on once again, trying to push an equality ordinance which would have forced private businesses to violate their conscience. Big Gay was ready to fry up every baker and demand: “Bake that cake!” Men who think (or dress or act like) women would have been permitted to enter women’s bathrooms. The openly lesbian mayor, who also left office due to term limits, wept the whole night trying to convince reasonable people that Men are from Mars, and so is Venus. Sublunary nonsense, and Houston voters shouted: “The men are men, the women are women, and the LGBTQ lobby should start feeling scared.” Big Business also took a big hit for trying to squelch the rights of the little guy.

Next, Virginia. How disappointed I was when the former DNC and pro-Hillary chairman Terry McAuliffe squeaked away with the governor’s seat. Two years later, he faces a Republican legislature, and lost his chance to recoup the state senate. Nanny State liberal Michael Bloomberg tried the gun control angle, again, and lost, again. Bang! Keep wasting your PAC millions, there, Mike. It will only help the conservative cause.

There is so much more to celebrate across the country.

In Maine, where conservative Republican Paul LePage has put meandering liberalism in its place, Republicans won two more conservatives to his cause in the Maine state assembly (Republicans already control the state senate). The Pine Tree state is cutting down the Democrats’ not so evergreen chances. New England is starting to look red again. One can always hope, right?

And right here in California, so much good news even in the miasma of blue.

San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi – the same sheriff who defended the deadly catch-and release policies for illegal aliens, who killed Kathryn Steinle -- got deported by the voters. I have conservative San Franciscans who love Trump (yes, I am growing to accept the Donald, even if he’s a rodeo clown) and hate Nancy Pelosi, and they refusing to give up their fight for their beloved if overpriced City. San Franciscans also welcomed the true sharing economy, Airbnb.

Alex Vargas, Mayor of Hawthorne, CA

In the South Bay, a strong Hispanic conservative, Alex Vargas, won mayor of Hawthorne, CA, and defeated an Obama-loving Democratic incumbent who failed to pay his rent on three properties, stiffed his political consultant, and even orders his opponent’s signs taken down. With his Republican brother John Vargas (sitting on a local community college board), Alex Vargas and family are building a strong conservative resurgence in a city  once run for decades under Democratic dominance, and still under the preeminent Congresswoman  “Welfare Queen” Maxine Waters.

A Common Core opponent won a seat on the Palos Verdes, CA school board. In another nearby school district, where the superintendent was “earning” a salary double that of the President Obama, an upstart threw out another incumbent. The only loss? For the Torrance school board, two union backed, and now union bought, incumbents held their seats.

The fight goes on, though, and with more Republicans of strong characters as well as diverse color, winning, I know that there is nothing but room for improvement, growth, and long-standing, long-term victory, even here in California.

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  1. Americans do tend to conservative principles in their private lives, but somehow think that Marxist principles will magically work in governance. Conservatives have a marketing problem as long as the main stream media and academia remain in enemy hands.