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Huntington Park, CA - Not the Worst City in America, but. . .

At the November 17th, 2015 Huntington Park, CA City Council meeting, Betty Robinson of We the People Rising shared some startling facts about "The City of Perfect Balance":

The city is ranked as the second worst small city in the country to live in.

She gathered this information from the following website, Wallet Hub, and this article:

2015’s Best & Worst Small Cities in America

The columnist Richie Bernardo supplied the following information to elucidate the rating criteria:

Inevitably, life in a small city demands some tradeoffs such as shorter business hours, a heavier reliance on cars and fewer dating opportunities. WalletHub’s analysts compared 1,268 small cities in the U.S. to find the ones where residents don’t have to give up much. Our data set includes a total of 22 metrics, ranging from housing costs to school-system quality to the number of restaurants per capita. You can find the complete ranking, a detailed methodology and additional expert commentary below.

The city is not the worst, but SECOND TO LAST!

1223Woonsocket, RI33.7611071232786940
1224Adelanto, CA33.72661125611281045
1225Albany, GA33.6887512431117971
1226Waipahu, HI33.6712088079521157
1227Spring Valley, NY33.6512267431167880
1228Coachella, CA33.6065712361244997
1229San Pablo, CA33.52107711551139970
1230Tulare, CA33.51707119112511021
1231Lawndale, CA33.4712229551162640
1232North Highlands, CA33.45943118210881171
1233Porterville, CA33.3070412101252982
1234Hesperia, CA33.29698124011311155
1235Ceres, CA33.2368512371246933
1236Gary, IN33.20599126210511166
1237San Jacinto, CA33.19519119712421176
1238Marrero, LA33.06513120412601190
1239Madera, CA33.0490911601259921
1240Fallbrook, CA32.981088109012131041
1241Atwater, CA32.9481812451216927
1242East Point, GA32.93810124111441194
1243Calexico, CA32.91850122411541122
1244Yuba City, CA32.8492412221227859
1245Hempstead, NY32.7312338789371138
1246Hemet, CA32.6577812461247865
1247Merced, CA32.6396812261222815
1248Los Banos, CA32.61766125311201126
1249Montebello, CA32.551173100311881066
1250Soledad, CA32.3587612521211978
1251Desert Hot Springs, CA32.32981123111831017
1252Bellflower, CA32.31118899911811048
1253Wasco, CA32.24734124712151175
1254Rosemead, CA31.87119111381201828
1255National City, CA31.55119210771230899
1256Hawthorne, CA31.2112419691232824
1257Baldwin Park, CA30.821001117812611144
1258Perris, CA30.73718123312641173
1259Paramount, CA30.651148112612621037
1260Delano, CA30.09809125512671070
1261Watsonville, CA29.50117412271254856
1262South Gate, CA29.121123119612651133
1263Maywood, CA29.061214117012531023
1264Lynwood, CA29.001131120912661085
1265Compton, CA28.631032123512631184
1266Bell Gardens, CA27.761228119212501117
1267Huntington Park, CA27.59121612181268872
1268Bell, CA26.781215124912381135

Particularly disturbing out this information, California cities round out the bottom 40, and lower than the poorest city in the most liberal state in the union: Woonsocket, Rhode Island, a city which the Washington Post had covered extensively, exposing the intense and permeating government dependence throughout the city and its residences.

Huntington Park, CA: The Second Worst City in America

The Providence Journal even printed an editorial I wrote about the the city.

Huntington Park - not the worst city, but second to the worst.

What could contribute to this city's terrible rating? The prevalence of illegal aliens, perhaps, along with the rogue disregard for the rule of law. The city council is racking up allegations of corruption and financial malfeasance on a weekly basis. The streets and shops are in poor condition, and residents do not operate their business in compliance with municipal codes. 

Gangs are rampant in the city, selling drugs. Marijuana usage and loitering are prevalent in city parks.
The police department has only four officers, and rumors indicate that the city council is firing large numbers of city staff and pocketing the money for themselves. 

Greg Aprahamian of We the  People Rising cautioned the city council: "If you lie with dogs, you end up with fleas." Corruption breeds corruption, and residents seeking a higher quality of life will flee to better climes.  Property owners should demand better government and new leaders in their city before Bell tops them on this list.

The city council must rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens from the city commissions, then stop wasting time and money on useless, needless projects, The city must stop harassing upstanding, law-abiding citizens like Nick Ionnidis and support the rule of law.

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