Friday, November 27, 2015

Socialist Weekend at Bernie Sanders Raises Money Through Capitalism

I find it harder to believe that the Democratic Party has nothing better than a wizened grandma with no wisdom, honesty, or integrity; or a hypocritical socialist who raises money through capitalism.

I have been getting such rich material from a series of campaign fundraising eblasts.

Korrupt Kamala Harris is begging for money trying to make donation deadlines. Loretta Sanchez is taking away major endorsements throughout the Central Valley.

And Republicans are just getting ready to fight for the US Senate.

Then there's Bernie Sander's latest eblast. Sanders wants supporters to buy into his clothing line.

Introducing the Bernie t-shirt collectionBuy one for yourself, or buy one as a giftShop now in the Official Bernie StoreThey're not going to last long!Neither will these items: Bernie hat, Bernie hoodie, and Bernie car magnet Shop now at the Official Bernie Store
Shop now:
Sanders and Co. say "Buy now, while supplies last!"
Since when did socialists ever care about supply and demand? I mean really?!
This ad is just sad. Bernie wants to play the socialist game, yet raises money through trade. HA!


  1. Hi as a conservative for decades I AM WADDING THROUGH this campaign ON the right I just don;t trust anyone YET. I have dug up all sorts of stuff - Sanders is an INDEPENDENT... This interests me - as for raising funds - .... made in AMERICA right or left?

  2. Bernie wants to make everyone DEPENDANT. His free college pitch, WHAT A JOKE. This clown wants to give college away for free. Ok but what happens when Jeff Spicoli drops out after 2yrs with no degree? Oh thats right, taxpayers will foot the bill AND feel the REAL BURN!!!!