Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Comments to Hermosa Beach City Council: November 10, 2015

Good Evening, Hermosa Beach City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of Torrance, CA but a citizen journalist and lobbyist fighting for good governance, individual liberty limited government and constitutional rule.

I believe in clean water and clean air, hope that more pepe do the same.

As I have written before, I will state again -- clean water, clean air, and a clean environment do not have to clean out one's wallet.

I have concerns that the ongoing push for environmental protections and safeguards against "Climate change" are merely a cover for more government, less liberty, higher costs, less accountability.
For these reasons, I am speaking at this other city councils regarding their ongoing interest -- and encouraging their lack of interest - in some of these 'Big Green" proposals.

I am interested to know a few things, and hope to learn more.

I would like to ask the following sessions of this city council and to the community at large.

One recent proposal as now led to a ban on plastic bags in the city of Hermosa Beach.

1. Well the plastic bag ban continue to less trash and waste in the streets/ Will it help protect the wildlife in our oceans? In Huntington Beach, CA, residents elected a different set of representatives, and nearly all of them ended upu repealing the plastic bag ban. Why? Because that ban turned out to be ineffective. Needlessly divisivve while increasing costs and frustrations on individual residents, that policy had unintended consequences which provided no benefit to the city or its citizens.

2. City policies in Hermosa Beach and throughout the South Bay seem engineered toward getting citizens out of their cars, or to give up their vehicles entirely. Is it the responsibility of the city to force its citizens to walk more and drive less? What impact do these measures have on our citizens or anyone in the city?

3.  Has this city council taken steps to ensure that freedom of speech and expression remain protected, despite the strong opinions for or against an issue or a candidate? Trespassing on individual property,, light and noise pollutions, harassment and slander are the trademarks of rogue states and tyranny, not local government in the South Bay. I  should hope that city leaders and law enforcement take necessary steps to protect freedom of speech and the press, the freedom to speak one's mind, whether right or wrong, whether in the majority or in the minority.

4. Tim permitting; I will be addressing the city council on their ongoing interest in Community Choice Aggregation. I and other residents in the City of Torrance have spoken out against this proposal. The program invites a creation of a  new government entity, taking on powers from local governments, then creating a purported a new energy program, relying on dubious sources limited by diluteness and intermittency. While environental groups continue agitating for solar and wind energy, let us not forget that these new inustrires still rely on coal and oil to remain viable and reliable.

If anyone suggests or believes otherwise they are more than welcome inform me so.

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