Friday, November 27, 2015

My Two Cents on Korrupt Kammy's Twenty-Two Cents

Kamala Harris is broke, desperate, and now repetitive and boring.

In another eblast trolling conservatives -- and just about anyone else who can add and pay attention -- 
Korrupt Kammy rolls  out the same tired arguments about women vs. men in terms of salary.

The fact is that "Equal pay for equal work" has been on the books for decades. 

John F. Kennedy signed that bill into law.

How could this Democrat forget the accomplishment of another Democrat toward ensuring 

equal treatment for women in the workplace?

This attorney general possesses inadequate knowledge of current wages laws, and now believes
that women are stupid enough to earn a lower wage than their male counterparts.

How about a detailed analysis of the statistics? Women take into account a wide range of health 
and lifestyle considerations before taking a job, or accepting a promotion. Women go on medical
or maternity leave, thus working fewer hours, thus making less money.

Kammy claims to respect women and want a fair playing field. Does she then support 
unequal pay structures, in which men do more work, yet get paid less?

Kamala Harris for Senate


You can’t talk about women’s issues without talking about the economy. When women get shortchanged, our economy does, too. And frustratingly, on average women still earn 78 cents on the dollar compared with men in the workforce.
And where does she get this fatuous factoid from, anyway?

California understood the magnitude of this injustice. The California Fair Pay Act was amended, and now it’s the nation’s strongest equal pay protection law to date.
The state of California is either doubling down on what is already law, or has created another set of cumbersome, onerous regulations which hamper business, dampen growth, and ensure more women out of work.

It’s time for Congress to follow in California’s footsteps. Join me in urging Congress to strengthen equal pay laws.

Although more women are taking on leadership roles in math and science fields, the boardroom, and possibly even the White House -- we’re still 22 cents on the dollar shy of paycheck equality. And this number is even larger for African American and Latina populations.
More women than men are entering college, taking on high-power professions. When will Kammy address the war on boys in our schools and men in our societies?

Twenty-two cents might not sound like a lot, but dollar-for-dollar it adds up to $10,876 less in median earnings per year. That’s $10,876 families could be using to make ends meet. It’s money that could be going back into our economy.
Kammy seems to know enough math to multiply numbers, yet she runs out of campaign money as quickly as she raises it, does not know how to budget for the long-term. She can't spend her own money well. She has no business lecturing the working women of California about which jobs they take and how much they make. She certainly should not be casting votes on how to spend our nation's funds.

Closing the wage gap isn’t just a women’s issue -- it’s an everyone issue. Sign on and tell Congress they are 22 cents short. Follow California and pass equal pay laws now!

I will be signing every petition I find which keeps Harris out of the US Senate and elects a fiscal conservative, moral Republican to the upper chamber. Now is not the time to allow empty-headed political one-liners into the US Senate. Now is definitely not the time to elect politicians who regurgitate left-wing talking points, none of which add up to any truth.
There's my two cents on Korrupt Kammy's twenty-two cents. I will also add that with such a lack of knowledge about our nation's laws, she is both overpaid and underqualified as California's current attorney general

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